Friday, April 29, 2011

Canine Brain Tumors, Dog Seizures and Nerve Pain - Help for Pets

NeuroFlam is great for senior dogs and pets that have mobility issues or seizures.

For canine seizures, canine epilepsy, canine brain disorders and canine brain tumors.

Many senior pets have difficulty getting up and while this is often due to arthritis, they may be experiencing nerve pain, as well. Give your pets relief with NeuroFlam.

Neuroflam provides key nutritional ingredients that have demonstrated benefits during neuroinflammation and microglia activation that typically accompanies neurodegenerative conditions, peripheral neuropathic conditions and brain or nerve injury. It also provides a rich source of antioxidants for brain tissue health.

This product may be used in conjunction with Brain Vitale. If your dog is suffering from seizures, canine epilepsy or other brain disorder, holistic care can help. It is terribly upsetting to watch your dog have a seizure or suffer from neurological problems. We have experience with these brain disorders and have seen improved results.

Our products for canine brain disorders will help especially when the supplements are used in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory canine diet. You may be surprised that foods are triggering your dog's seizures. It is not the same for every dog and it is very important to get expert advice so that you can minimize your dog's suffering and seizure activity. Dogs with seizures, dogs with canine epilepsy and other brain disorders should be on a grain-free, hypoallergenic diet. We highly recommend scheduling a telephone consultation with Susan Blake Davis, CCN to ensure you are giving your pet the appropriate diet to reduce brain disorders and inflammation along with the use of this supplement.

If you dog has been diagnosed with canine epilepsy, this a holistic way to help, using a natural supplement that you can give with food. NeuroFlam dosages vary depending on the weight, age and severity of symptoms. Please be sure to provide these details (i.e. frequency of seizures, type of neurological problem) about your dog when placing an order.