Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pet Nutrition: Finding the ‘Best’ Pet Food for Your Cat or Dog

Pet nutrition can be a frustrating process with so many labels, ingredients and brands to research. How do you know which pet food is best and even if it is the right food for your cat or dog?

For starters, it is important to understand that what is “best” can vary from one pet to another, just as what food is good for one person may not be good for another. One dog may feel just fine on a certain brand of pet food, while another one scratches and itches, tearing his fur out. One cat may like a certain brand of cat food, while the other one refuses to eat it.

So…the first step in establishing your pet’s nutrition plan is acknowledging that you will have to do some needs-based fact finding and that if you have multiple pets, you may not be able to feed all of your pets the same pet food. This can be challenging at times, but not impossible. Once you see the benefits of giving your pet the right food based on your individual pet’s needs, you will be rewarded for your extra effort.

The phrase “pet nutrition” implies something beyond just providing pet food for energy. It means that you are providing pet food that your pet’s body can utilize and benefit from. For example, candy provides calories but is it really nutritious? Those adorable, artificially colored pet treats that are made to look like human treats such as popcorn are gobbled up by your dog, but does that mean it is really good for them…and could it even be potentially harmful?

The fact is that you want your pet's food to provide the most benefits possible: promotes good health, is convenient, easy to use, is economical and most of all, that your pet likes the taste. Unfortunately, not all of these pet nutrition variables may come to play and you will have to make some compromises. Dr. Gordon and I are here to help and do offer personalized telephone consultations to give your pet a custom-tailored dietary plan.

When it comes to optimizing pet nutrition, one fact prevails: you get what you pay for. If standard grade meat/poultry is $3.00 a pound and a 20lb bag of dog food costs $25 — you do the math-how much meat vs. corn fillers do you actually think is in the food? So, if you want to keep your pet healthy and use a nutritious food, chances are you are going to have to pay more for it. The tradeoff though is that you will pay for a lot fewer visits to the veterinarian because so much of your pet’s well-being is due to the food you are using. Pet nutrition can greatly impact the course and quality of a pet’s life, as much, if not more than genetics.

So when it comes to pet nutrition, Rule #1 when selecting a food for your cat or dog, is to READ THE LABEL! Many people use a pet food because their neighbor said it was good, or their breeder used it previously, or breed club said it was good or even because the veterinarian recommended it. With no disrespect intended to whoever might have recommended it, YOU are the one responsible for your pet’s well-being and YOU alone should read the label and understand what you are giving your pet. Many pet owners lament years later after giving their pet the wrong food that they wish they had “known this before.” The label is required by law for you and your pet’s protection, so please take the time to read it.

A good pet food should contain meat, poultry or fish clearly identifiable in the first ingredients. It should contain ingredients that you have heard of such as peas, carrots, fish, etc. Ideally, it should contain a variety of nutritious ingredients such as lean meat, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids. There should be a nice balance between protein, fiber, fats and carbohydrates. Even if a pet food says it is “organic” or holistic or hypoallergenic, doesn’t mean that it is the right food for your pet. Depending upon your pet’s individual health concerns, one diet may be more suitable than another. For example, many “hypoallergenic” diets are extremely high in carbohydrates promoting yeast overgrowth and many organic brands contain flour and soy which contribute to allergies and urinary tract infections. Remember, base your decision on the ingredients and your pet’s health concerns, not on the beautiful pet featured on the pet food product.

Personalized telephone consultations are available to give your pet a custom-tailored dietary plan. If you are using a prescription diet, we can help you develop a natural alternative. Click here to learn more

Some pet food ingredients you should try to avoid include:

Grains — such as corn, corn gluten meal, ground corn, wheat gluten, wheat flour or any other flour-while some pets do just fine on high quality brands that contain grains, many pets do not digest them properly and develop allergies, UTIs and chronic health problems. If your pet has a lot of gas, this is a sure sign he or she is not digesting the pet food properly and may be having difficulty with the grains.

Brewer’s Rice — A processed rice product that represents the milled fragments of rice kernels that have been separated from the whole grain rice. This is a lower cost rice product that lacks the nutrients found in its counterpart whole brown rice. Ethoxyquin — chemical preservative found in some pet foods used to extend the shelf life and ultimately the overall profitability of the food.

Ethoxyquin has been banned from most human foods due to its cancer-causing properties. Try to find foods that are preserved with Vitamin C or E (mixed tocopherols).

Meat and Poultry by-products — Byproducts are much less expensive and digestible than the muscle meat found in higher quality brands. Ingredients vary from batch to batch but can include heads, feet, bone, etc.–not the steak and chicken breast you are seeing in the commercials.

Potato Product — a cheap byproduct of food processing of potatoes for human use. The potato “product” does not have the same nutritional benefit of a fresh whole potato. As a general rule, any food labeled as a “product” in the description, e.g. “egg product” or “byproduct” isn’t going to have the same level of pet nutrition for your cat or dog as the whole food itself.

Peanut Hulls, Beet Pulp, Soybean Hulls — used as an inexpensive filler with little or no nutritional value. Provides fiber and is often used in “reduced calorie” pet foods so that the dog or cat feels satiated. It is better to use green beans, canned pumpkin or other natural sources of fiber to help your pet lose weight.

There are many high quality pet foods offering superior pet nutrition available today. Some pets may require a special, “prescription” diet and there are pet nutritionists and holistic veterinarians available who can help you determine the best food for your pet. With just a little extra effort in reading labels and becoming educated about your pet’s food and the benefits of pet nutrition, you can greatly help your pet to live a longer and healthier life.
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supplement for Cats that Vomit and for Dogs with Acid Stomach

Gastro ULC
--Acid Reducer Formula

90 Tablets

Indicated for: Cats and dogs with kidney disease, acid stomach, cats and dogs with nausea, dogs that are eating grass and/or vomitting

WOW--this formula really works! This fabulous stomach acid reducer and gastrointestinal formula helps to not only relieve stomach acid pain, but helps to repair inflammed tissue! Over the counter antacids may help reduce the pain of stomach acid but in doing so, also reduce the acids we so desperately need for proper digestion of nutrients. What makes this product so fabulous is that it is ALL-NATURAL using herbal remedies that help to heal the lining of the stomach, reduce inflammation in the mucuosal lining of the GI Tract and enhance the natural digestive process. Excellent product for ulcers!

Gastro-ULC is a comprehensive formula that contains time-tested minerals and herbs that are known to have properties which help reduce stomach acid, indigestion and ulcer pain. This formula is a tablet that is easy to give with food and can be crushed for smaller size pets.

How do you know if your pet has excess stomach acid? Well, sometimes the signs may be very subtle, excessive salivating, vomiting saliva or bile, or just acts like he or she has a tummy ache. Pets with kidney disease or history of gastrointestinal disorders may have ulcers or excess acid as a result of their condition. This gentle formula is certainly worth a try.

Is your dog eating grass and vomiting? Try this formula along with our Power Probiotic. Excessive grass eating by dogs is usually a sign of nausea or vomitting. We have had excellent results using this formula with cats that have kidney disease.
Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog Licking Groin and Genitals Constantly

“Why is my dog constantly licking at his genitals and groin area?” This is one of the most common questions I receive. Some dogs will lick their genitals as part of normal grooming and there really isn't any cause for concern. In this situation, I would say--maybe once a day. But, in certain situations, it is a chronic problem and it is really important you do what you can to help your dog. Generally, the culprit is either yeast or a urinary tract infection. Be sure to take your dog to the veterinarian to ensure it is not a urinary tract infection.

If your dog does not have a urinary tract infection, than most likely, there could be food allergies and/or yeast overgrowth. There are supplements you can use for your pet that will start helping right away.

Myco-Zyme Complete Yeast Package Helps with Dog Genital Licking, Itching, Ear Infections and Yeast

Indicated for: dogs with yeast, itching dogs, dogs licking groin area or genitals, dogs with chronic ear infections

On SALE---Save $10: $91.50 for complete yeast package Regular price for items purchased individually: $107

Myco-Zyme + Power Probiotic: $56.50

Myco-Zyme is a comprehensive product that targets yeast overgrowth, parasites and harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract of dogs and cats. Many times, dogs with yeast infections have red, itching skin or smelly odor or paw licking/chewing or chronic ear infections and urinary tract infections. Is your dog itching the groin, licking at the genitals or scratching in the armpits? Yeast grows in moist areas of the body and this is often a sign of a yeast overgrowth in dogs and cats.

Has your dog been on antibiotics or corticosteroids? If so, these can cause an imbalance in the intestinal flora and cause a yeast overgrowth as well. Oftentimes, your veterinarian may prescribe an antibiotic to treat a skin infection and then the next thing you know, your dog has an ear infection. This is because antibiotics kill off the bad AND good bacteria. The good bacteria help to boost your pet's immune system so that the infection doesn't grow back. Good bacteria (found in our Power Probiotic) is needed to ward off an overgrowth of yeast. It becomes a vicious cycle so we typically recommend using both the Power Probiotic AND Myco-Zyme when using antibiotics to help heal your pet's overall condition.

Yeast is typically associated with very allergic pets. You may have tried rounds of antibiotics as well as topical creams and yet your pet still keeps itching and getting infections. MycoZyme really works and we have seen some miracles. It is a terrific product for pets with chronic skin problems, allergies and ear infections. It contains a variety of key herbs with anti-fungal properties such as grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and capryllic acid. Myco-Zyme provides nutritional support and fortification of the intestinal terrain. Several key herbs and nutrients help to rebalance the intestinal environment. Imbalances in the intestinal terrain can lead to or contribute in the propagation of yeast overgrowth, parasites, and harmful bacterial growth.

Please note that Myco-Zyme MUST be used as part of a protocol to kill yeast along with the following products for optimum success: Power Probiotic, Notatum and Amazing OmegasPower Probiotic is necessary to replenish the good bacteria as the yeast is killed. If you just kill yeast, then there is the possibility for it to return promptly along with pathogenic bacteria. Power Probiotic must be used. Notatum is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you are using this product because your dog has ear infections--they are red inside and hurt!! That is why your veterinarian may usually prescribe prednisone. As an alternative, we strongly urge you to try using Notatum. Finally, to help heal your pet's condition. restore a lustrous coat and also to help with inflammation, please use Amazing Omegas. No other Omega product can compare--you may be using an oil currently but there is nothing as pure and effective as Amazing Omegas. The four products together deliver maximum results, tried and true! If you just use the Mycozyme and Probiotic, you are addressing the yeast but you need Notatum and Amazing Omegas to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and tissue so that the yeast won't return.

Does your dog have an odor even after you give a bath? This can be a bacterial overgrowth as well but typically if you just cleaned your dog and there is still a musty smell, especially in the ears--it could be yeast. Yeast has a cheesy odor and is very distinctive. A lot of times this is also because the dog is eating foods high in carbohydrates which feed the yeast and are poorly digested. It is very important for pet owners to understand that something is causing your pet's chronic infections and yeast condition. Almost always diet and allergies are contributing to the imbalance of flora. It is highly recommended that you seek expert advice with someone who can teach you what to feed your pet and uncover the underlying issues affecting your pet's chronic condition. If you includde your current diet on the order form, our nutritionist, will send a suggestion on your packing slip.
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Spring Has Sprung Discount

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Allergy Relief For Cats and Dogs

Includes 1 oz bottle of Allertotal + 1 oz bottle of Allerdrain

Easy to adminster to small pets! Drops must be used together to achieve results. Great for dogs and cats. These are gentle homeopathic formulas to help your pet cope with chronic allergies. Some clients report that these drops are finally the answer to helping their pets with environmental allergies.

Allertotal--Homeopathic remedy for environmental allergies such as pollen, hay fever, housedust and helps to cope with food sensitivities as well.

Allerdrain--helps the body drains which can result in allergy-related rashes and skin disorders. Helps provide genearl cleansing and desensititization support.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miracle Rescue in Japan After 9 Days Under Rubble

Miracle rescue story---finally a wonderful story gives hope for all!
80 year old Sumi Abe and her 16 year old grandson Jin Abe were found alive today under the rubble of their home in Ishinomaki in Northeast Japan. They were in the kitchen when the earthquake struck as the rest of the house crumbled around them. Sumi's legs were pinned under the refrigerator and she was unable to move. It took Jin 9 days to finally crawl to the rooftop where he was able to signal rescue workers for help. They survived on food and water in their refrigerator, primarily yogurt. It is amazing that anyone could survive this long, especially someone of her age. Here is a picture of Sumi Abe being rescued by emergency workers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doberman Head Tremors--Holistic Care Can Help

Q: What is the brand name of the "Digestzymes" you use? A LOT of hits come up by petting Digestzymes in the search bar and there must be a hundred different companies/formulas. What do you use for "parathyroid" support? My 20 month old male Dobermann is having small, sporadic head tremors recently.

Please help. I can't stand his life being anything but absolute perfect happiness 24/7. He is my reason for living

A: We understand how upsetting your doberman's head tremors must be. Many people (even some medical professionals) don't comprehend what it is like as it is a very unusual type of condition and unless you witness it, it is very hard to understand. Basically, a head tremor is when a dog's head starts uncontrollably shaking from side to side. It can last for a few minutes and what seems like eternity. It looks similar to those bobbing dog statues. Unlike a doll however, in this case, it is your beloved dog who is suffering.

Holistic care can definitely control the frequency of canine head tremors. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple formula--ie. give your dog these two supplements and the problem will go away. We use K9 Digestive Enzymes, featured on AskAriel. K9 Digestive Enzymes helps dogs and cats improve the absorption of nutrients, enhances digestion and reduces gas and diarrhea. It is good for any pet whether they have head tremors or not. The parathyroid supplement, and other supplements should be carefully reviewed by a veterinarian or veterinary professional before administering.

Here is what is needed to reduce the frequency of head tremors:
1) Put your pet on a grain-free hypoallergenic diet
2) Use Omega oils such as Amazing Omegas
3) Do not use any treats that contain gluten, corn, chicken, etc--all that contain potential allergens that could trigger an attack
4) Use a digestive enzyme such as the Digestzymes mentioned above that will ensure your dog properly absorbs the nutrients in the food
5) Work with a veterinary professional to determine what your dog's triggers are: e.g. low blood sugar, calcium deficiency, food allergies

Dr. Gordon and I provide holistic telephone consultations to help dog owners whose pets have complex health issues such as head tremors. After reviewing your dog's laboratory tests, we would develop a complete holistic plan for your dog including a special diet, supplements and other holistic modalities you can use to help your dog's head tremors. One thing is for sure--holistic care definitely does reduce head tremors in dogs. We have had tremendous success because many times the triggers (differ depending upon each dog's unique circumstance) are common daily foods and activities that you may not even realize could be a problem for your dog. Click here to learn more about holistic telephone consultations.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colostrum for Pets on Sale

Colostrum for Pets on Sale through March 19   
90 Vegetarian Capsules

Colostrum for pets has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system, immune function and repair of skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue. Our Colostrum For Pets is backed by scientific research AND independent third party testing. In fact, in a recent third party study that explored the product’s bioactive properties and ability to repair damaged cells as well as protect healthy cells, Colostrum For Pets (made from Tegricel colustrum) was shown to be three times as effective as the leading New Zealand colostrum supplier. This formula is truly exceptional!!!

Our Colostrum For Pets is especially helpful for cats and dogs with:

~ Any type of gastrointestinal problems (gas, diarrhea, etc)
~ Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
~ Cancer (strengthens the immune system)
~ Bad Breath
~ Excessive Tear Stains (this also can be related to a pet’s digestive condition
~ Great for puppies and kittens with worms or parasites (eg. Giardia)

Our Colostrum for Pets is a powder that comes in capsules. It is very easy to administer to pets. Safe, gentle formula. Simply mix with water and it tastes like milk. Most cats and dogs will lick the colostrum mixture readily.

Third party testing shows this product outshines the rest!!! Our Colostrum For Pets is exceptional in that the colostrum comes from cows that are carefully fed a scientifically-designed diet that contains a proper balance of nutrients and minerals to ensure a consistently high potency colostrom. All colostrom is NOT alike---this product really delivers!!!

For optimal results, we recommend using this product along with our Power Probiotic. While the Colostrum For Pets helps to support an inflamed gastrointestinal tract, the Probiotic repopulates good bacteria. They can be combined nicely together as they both have a milky taste.

"Just want to thank you so much for helping our kitty Jessie with her IBD. She is so much better, playing with her toys and our other cat Romeo. The Notatum, Probiotic and Colostrum really worked! I give them to her as a bedtime snack. We are so grateful that we have our Jessie back."


Colostrum For Pets is sold by itself or as a package along with Power Probiotic, at a discounted package price. Excellent choice for pets with inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).

Colostrum For Pets $49 Sale Price $45
Colostrum For Pets + Power Probiotic Pkg. $74.95 Sale Price $69
Monday, March 14, 2011

Stanley, Dog with Cancer Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Hey all!

Here is Stanley, now celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Stanley has cancer. He is doing great on his AskAriel supplements, including OncoPet.

Hello to "my California ladies"!

Since I am "Irish" by adoption, I thought you might like this photo. If you have an agent, please let me know. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

With all my love,
Stanley O'Scanlan
March 2011

"Happy New Year! Thank you for keeping our Labrador Stanley well. He just celebrated his 9th Birthday! After his cancer diagnosis in early September, we all wondered if he would be here for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then his birthday.

He has not seen his general vet or specialist since his diagnosis. We attribute his wellness to your products! YOU have BLESSED us immensely! Each time we receive an order from you, somehow Stanley knows "his ladies from California have sent him a package."

Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you!
Jodi Scanlan
Pennsylvania Jan 2011
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Minature Schnauzer with Pancreatitis Benefits From Holistic Care

Hello Susan,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note again to say thanks.
Sadly, our dog, Sparky passed away on January 16 this year. He was feeling fine until the last day or two. But on that day, while laying next to me on the couch watching TV, he had heart failure and mercifully died quickly. Our vet said that along with his diabetes, and a "mass" on his liver (we never knew if it was benign or malignant) he also had a heart murmur.

Looking back on last year at this time, he had a serious bout of pancreatitis. But with your helpful and kind nutrition guidance, we were able to pull him through that and he enjoyed another year of quality life - walks in the park, eating normally, fun rides in the car, etc. We were blessed to have had that time with him. Your guidance helped Sparky have that year with us and we are very thankful.

Hopefully, when the time comes for us to adopt another animal friend, we will remember the lessons we learned from you.

Best regards,
Paul Mally

Supplements for Dogs and Cats with Pancreatitis
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Big Savings on Power Probiotic!

Big Savings on Power Probiotic!

Save 15% on Power Probiotic through Saturday March 5
Power Probiotic on Sale $23.95 (reg price: $27.95)

Easy to Use--Excellent Value!--Great for Cats and Dogs

Power Probiotic is our flagship bestseller that delivers superior results and is easy to use. Open capsules and sprinkle/mix in your cat or dog's food. Most cats will tolerate this in their food making it especially convenient for cats with kidney and urinary concerns. Our Power Probiotic is third party tested and is not your average probiotic found at the health food or pet store. This is a powerful, mult-strain formula that is effective for all pets, young and old.

Power Probiotic is critical for people and pets with the following conditions:

1) Bad breath

2) Digestive issues, IBD

3) Liver disease

4) Chronic infections

5) Skin problems

6) Urinary and kidney issues

7) Dogs with tear stains

Click here to order Power Probiotic For Cats and Dogs

Thank you for being a client of Ask Ariel. We look forward to continuing to help you give your pets the very best in holistic health care! --The Team at Ask Ariel

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Special Teddy Finds His New Forever Home


Soooo precious! What a tail wagger! Two year old Teddy is a lovable, affectionate, cuddly, Maltese/Papillon mix. Teddy was confiscated from the home of an animal hoarder and was brought to the Orange County Animal Care Center (a high-kill shelter in Orange, CA). Teddy was born with misshapen front legs. He also was very neglected, covered in mats from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

When Teddy was brought to the shelter, he was very scared and shy. He wasn't used to getting human attention. The shelter wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to be adopted. Ariel Rescue saw that Teddy needed help! Teddy was adopted out of the shelter by one of Ariel Rescue's volunteers. Then he was taken to the vet for an exam. The vet said that Teddy had very strong back legs and a strong back -- very good news for Teddy! However the vet found that Teddy did have a hernia that needed to be surgically repaired. Teddy did get the surgery that he needed. He was fostered in an Ariel Rescue volunteer's home, where he recovered from his surgery. He was given very nutritious food to eat and lots of loving attention.

We don't think that Teddy had ever been groomed before. He was given his very first "beauty bath". He was then introduced to a doggie blow-drier. Teddy did very well being blow-dried after his bath. All his mats were then clipped away and he was given his first hair-cut. He learned to liked being brushed and fussed over. He now looks like a completely different dog than the one who was so neglected.

Teddy has turned out to be a very playful, fun-loving dog. He is able to get around quite well by hopping on his back legs and scooting on his chest. While he was being fostered, he would play with his doggie toys, throwing them up in the air and then chasing them. He could even climb up onto his foster mom's lap! He also had fun playing with the other Ariel Rescue dog that was also being fostered.

Teddy has now found his new forever home with a wonderful woman who has two other dogs. Teddy spends his days playing with his new doggie friends and his new mom. Teddy never again has to be the lonely, scared, sad dog passed over at the shelter. Now he is the pampered, well-loved dog that he deserves to be. Ask Ariel donates a portion of the profits from client purchases to Ariel Rescue, a non-profit charity dedicated to saving the lives of shelter dogs.