Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oxicell--The "No Pill" Vitamin For Pets

Save $5 on Oxicell SE through January 29th

Provides powerful antioxidants & vitamins through the skin!!!
Excellent for BOTH people and pets. Especially helpful for:

1) Kidney disease

2) Senior dogs and especially cats (product is easy to administer!)

3) Liver support (helps improve elevated liver values)

4) Arthritis/joint support (gives pets energy!)

5) Overall good health
Oxicell is a one-of-a-kind,easy to use product that delivers a full range of vitamins and anti-oxidants needed for good heatlh. What makes Oxicell so special is that it is a transdermal cream so that the product does not have to be adminstered to your pet in a pill or liquid form. Simply rub the cream on your pet's ear tip (humans rub on wrist) and the vitamins are absorbed directly into the pet's bloodstream. This is not a topical lotion--this is a truly unique formula that really works.
Sale Price: $33.95 Regular Price: $38.95
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