Monday, January 3, 2011

German Shepherd is balding, itchy and has skin problems

Q: My grandmother's 1 year old german shepherd is balding. She is very itchy too. My grandmother has changed her food and treats and is giving her fish oil tablets. She has had a male german shepherd who had to be put down before because he went completely bald and had some sort of skin disease that made him really itchy. I don't want this dog to go to. She's just a baby! Please help!

A: So sorry to hear that your Grandmother's German Shepherd is suffering so much with itching, scratching and skin problems. First and foremost, it is very important to take her dog to the veterinarian. Hair loss can be a sign of mange, flea dermatitis or other types of parasites. Since her other dog had a similar issue, it is quite possible there is a pattern either in terms of food she is feeding or exposure. Be sure the home has been treated for fleas and parasites especially.

If the German Shepherd has already had a thorough examination by a veterinarin, take a look at the treats and food she is giving. A lot of times, people like to give their pets not only their dog food, but pieces of their own food all day long. So....for example, the veterinarian may have given your family a hypoallergenic diet but if family members are giving the dog highly allergic table scraps such as chicken, bread and peanut butter---there is the source of your problem. It takes very little--sometimes just a 1/2 teaspoon to trigger an allergic reaction to a food.

Finally, we do offer some supplements that will greatly help. For starters, try the Pet Allergy and Skin Package.The Pet Allergy and Skin Package includes three effective products that are proven to help stop scratching and itching. These include Amazing Omegas, Proaller and Notatum. They work synergistically to control inflammation and reduce allergic response. You might also want to consider scheduling a telephone consultation along with your Grandmother so that we can discuss in depth the foods and treats she might be giving the dog. Please don't worry----as long as you start making some of these suggested changes, her dog will get better.