Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dog Arthritis Supplements Help Dog Limping, Dog Stiffness and Canine Arthritis

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The Pet Arthritis Package contains 3 formulas: Amazing Omegas fish oil, Amazing Arthrosoothe and Curcumin Complex For Pets. This is a basic kit that will provide excellent support for dog joint pain, canine arthritis and dog stiffness. This kit really works!!! Please see the many testimonials about how quickly these three products can help dog stiffness, dog dog limping and canine arthritis. Many people think that it is just "old age" in their dogs. Before, you resort to just putting your dog on pain medications......please give them the joint support they really need.

The following signs that your dog needs joint support:

• Difficulty or hesitation to sit down or get up
• Difficulty jumping up or reluctance to climb stairs
• Lameness in one or more limb
• Stiffness in the morning that improves as the day progresses
• Subtle signs that the dog may not want to put weight on the limb
• Sensitivity when touched in certain areas

We always recommend having your veterinarian examine your dog to be sure that other health conditions are ruled out. Sometimes what may look like arthritis or old age, could be something more serious. When you bring your dog for an office visit, your veterinarian will want to do a comprehensive examination and assess your pet’s neurological responses, joint mobility, areas of pain and sensitivity. Your veterinarian may manipulate the limbs to assess your dog’s response and observe the extent to which your pet is able to put weight on the affected limb. Generally an XRAY is taken and additional testing (ultrasound, bloodwork) may be required. It is important that a veterinarian check for all of the pet’s symptoms as there may a variety of conditions contributing to your pet’s discomfort.

The following conditions are just a few of the many causes of joint or muscle pain and lameness:
• Arthritis
• Injury
• Genetic conditions (e.g. hip dysplasia, osteochondritis)
• Immune mediated (e.g. cancer)
• Infection
• Ligament tear (especially in the knee)
• Deferred pain from an organ (e.g. kidneys)

As you can see, there may be a lot more than just “old age” contributing to your dog’s pain and it is important to understand the causes so that proper treatment can be determined. Also, many young dogs may show signs of limping or discomfort which could be due to any of the above factors—in other words, a dog does not have to be “old” to suffer from joint or muscle pain. Depending upon the test results, your veterinarian will advise you on the best course of action. Sometimes surgical repair is the best option. But getting your dog started on canine arthritis & joint supplements will help give your dog basic support and certainly won't interfere with other medications. It is a good line of defense to start with and many times, can bring about miraculous improvement!

For older pets, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Rimadyl, Metacam or Previcox will help the pet feel more comfortable and increase mobility. These medications should be used judiciously however, as over time, they may impact liver function. These medications can be combined with the Pet Arthritis Package and by using the Pet Arthritis Package, it should lessen the need to use the medications as frequently.
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