Friday, November 5, 2010

Cat with Kidney Failure (CRF)--Best Supplements To Use

Q: About my kitty, Joey. He has kidney failure. He is on your cat no-pill kidney package for small pets.  This has worked out well for us because it is so easy to use.  His kidney values have improved since using this package.  However, Joey has started to vomit even though I've been giving him pepcid for awhile now per his vets instructions. His bun and creatnine were high and his blood count low. So, since the vomiting started last week, I ordered the Gastro Ulc and also Marrow Plus bone marrow supplement. Still trying to do all I can. I'm wondering is you think the Cordyceps and purrfect pet cq 10 along with the renelix kidney formula will help or is this overkill? He's also getting 3 Standard Process formulas for kidneys. I really value what you tell me. Thank you so much, Tisa

A: Sorry your kitty has been so sick with kidney failure. First and foremost, be sure you are working with your veterinarian and administering subcutaneous fluids. That helps control a lot of the symptoms related to kidney failure that you are describing. It is important to use the right supplements and not to overdo it. I am not sure what all of the ingredients are in the Standard Process formulas you are using and it might be too many.....generally, we just recommend using either Renafood or Renatrophin. If your kitty is anemic, talk to your veterinarian about using Ferrofood along with the Marrow Plus--but again, this is something your doctor would need to recommend since I haven't had a consultation with you. Some of the other formulas may contain ingredients that are too high in phospohorous and/or redundant, so it might be a good idea to cut back.

The Renelix is our very best formula for cat kidney failure. We have excellent testimonials about it.   It helps detoxify the kidneys and works differently than anything else you are using. Thus, I would highly recommend it. Not sure if the Standard Process formulas contain Cordyceps but it is always a great option for addressing kidney disease. Purrfect Pet CoQ10 is very important for cats with renal failure but it may be contained already in your Standard Process products and there is already some in the Oxicell. Finally, the Probiotic is always recommended for cats with kidney failure as it helps to prevent UTIs (common with kidney disease), boosts immune function and supports the liver and kidneys. It may help greatly to relieve some of the acid stomach and gastrointestinal distress and is very easy to administer to cats.

In terms of "overkill", one way we try to avoid giving too many supplements to such a small pet is to use them on alternating days. For example, you could use the Kidney Terrain on one day and then Renelix the next. That helps to alleviate any potential problems with using too many products at once. Sure hope Joey feels better!