Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dog Coughing, Heart and Lung Support Supplements 15% OFF

Carnitine Synergy --SAVE $10!!!!
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500 mg 120 caps Excellent Product for Heart Conditions, Pulmonary Support and Cancer--Gives people and pets increased energy!!! Helps People and Pets lose weight by burning fat.

Research on carnitine indicates that it is a very effective support nutrient for cardiovascular health. Carnitine promotes fat burning (and may help you lose weight), increases energy and promotes heart health. In research studies, carnitine helped improve exercise tolerance and heart function in people with problems with their cardiovascular health. Higher levels of carnitine in cardiac tissues are associated with a lower incidence of heart attack. Carnitine can also increases blood flow, especially to the heart. It may also help balance the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios. This is a critical nutrient for anyone or any pet with heart murmurs or any type of cardiovascular disease. Sale Price $55.00

SAVE 15% through December 6th!

Keep on hand for cold and flu season. Wonderful product--helps reduce your pet's coughing and is used routinely for pets with breathing, lung and heart issues that have coughing. ApoTuss works in combination with the ApoPulm; the sale price for both products is $40. Must be used in conjunction with ApoPulm for effective results. The products are easy to use---just mix the drops into your pet's favorite liquid--broth, pumpkin or applesauce for example.

ApoTuss drops work as a natural antimicrobial for treatment of coughs, laryngitis, hoarseness and bronchial infections. It is also effective for eliminating bronchial mucus, stabbing chest pains, fever and dry, hard coughs that frequently accompany acute illnesses. This remedy also serves as an excellent adjuvant therapy for resolving asthma. Sale Price $20.00

ApoPulm 125 Expectorant Syrup
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ApoPulm is excellent for pets with lung cancer, bronchial issues, congestive heart failure and other pulmonary concerns. Really helps to open up the breathing passages and reduce congestion in the chest. Works well in conjunction with Renelix for optimum effectiveness. Sale Price $20.00

Get great bargains by helping your dog's lung and heart conditions.
Monday, November 29, 2010

Shelter Dog is Paws of Life For a Missing Man With Alzheimers

Terrific story about how a wonderful rescue dog helped save the life of a missing man with Alzheimers. Link is below:


Here is an excerpt:

Shelter Dog is Paws of Life for Missing Man Mon, 29 Nov 2010, 23:51:32 GMTEdited by Debra Tone

AMES, Iowa, Nov. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Sometimes a hero is found at the local animal shelter. Moses, a three year old yellow lab/golden retriever, who is a certified search and rescue dog, found a missing Alzheimer's patient earlier this month. "It takes a dog with the right stuff," said Robin Habeger, of Paws of Life Foundation, and Moses' handler and trainer. "Often that means the dogs do not make a good pet." Moses was relinquished to the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines in the spring of 2008 and placed with Habeger that summer. He started his training when he was six months old."Moses isn't afraid of much and loves to bark for his toy, which is how he told me he found the missing man," said Habeger.........
Friday, November 26, 2010

Dog Yeast, Dog Itching From Yeast

90 capsules Indicated for: dogs with yeast, itching dogs, dogs licking groin area or genitals, dogs with chronic ear infections

Best Value: Complete Myco-zyme Package: $98.50
Items purchased individually: $107

Myco-zyme + Probiotic: $56.50

Myco-Zyme is a comprehensive product that targets yeast overgrowth, parasites and harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract of dogs and cats. Many times, dogs with yeast infections have red, itching skin or smelly odor or paw licking/chewing or chronic ear infections and urinary tract infections. Is your dog itching the groin, licking at the genitals or scratching in the armpits? Yeast grows in moist areas of the body and this is often a sign of a yeast overgrowth in dogs and cats. Has your dog been on antibiotics or corticosteroids? If so, these can cause an imbalance in the intestinal flora and cause a yeast overgrowth as well. Oftentimes, your veterinarian may prescribe an antibiotic to treat a skin infection and then the next thing you know, your dog has an ear infection. This is because antibiotics kill off the bad AND good bacteria. The good bacteria help to boost your pet's immune system so that the infection doesn't grow back. Good bacteria (found in our Power Probiotic) is needed to ward off an overgrowth of yeast. It becomes a viscious cycle so we typically recommend using both the Power Probiotic AND Myco-zyme when using antibiotics to help heal your pet's overall condition.

Yeast is typically associated with very allergic pets. You may have tried rounds of antibiotics as well as topical creams and yet your pet still keeps itching and getting infections. MycoZyme really works and we have seen some miracles. It is a terrific product for pets with chronic skin problems, allergies and ear infections. It contains a variety of key herbs with anti-fungal properties such as grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and capryllic acid. Myco-Zyme provides nutritional support and fortification of the intestinal terrain. Several key herbs and nutrients help to rebalance the intestinal environment. Imbalances in the intestinal terrain can lead to or contribute in the propagation of yeast overgrowth, parasites, and harmful bacterial growth.

Please note that Mycozyme MUST be used as part of a protocol to kill yeast along with the following products for optimum success: Probiotic, Notatum and Amazing Omegas. The Probiotic is necessary to replenish the good bacteria as the yeast is killed. If you just kill yeast, then there is the possibility for it to return promptly along with pathogenic bacteria. The Probiotic must be used. The Notatum is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you are using this product because your dog has ear infections--they are red inside and hurt!! That is why your veterinarian may usually prescribe prednisone. As an alternative, we strongly urge you to try using the Notatum. Finally, to help heal your pet's condition. restore a lustrous coat and also to help with inflammation, please use Amazing Omegas. No other Omega product can compare--you may be using an oil currently but there is nothing as pure and effective as Amazing Omegas. The four products together deliver maximum results, tried and true! If you just use the Mycozyme and Probiotic, you are addressing the yeast but you need the Notatum and Amazing Omegas to reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and tissue so that the yeast won't return.

Does your dog have an odor even after you give a bath? This can be a bacterial overgrowth as well but typically if you just cleaned your dog and there is still a musty smell, especially in the ears--it could be yeast. Yeast has a cheesy odor and is very distinctive. A lot of times this is also because the dog is eating foods high in carbohydrates which feed the yeast and are poorly digested.

It is very important for pet owners to understand that something is causing your pet's chronic infections and yeast condition. Almost always diet and allergies are contributing to the imbalance of flora. It is highly recommended that you seek expert advice with someone who can teach you what to feed your pet and uncover the underlying issues affecting your pet's chronic condition.

If you have a small pet or your pet just has a mild yeast problem, then we recommend you use our K9 Yeast Defense instead of the Myco-zyme. Also, if you have already used one bottle of Myco-zyme and it helped your pet, it is important that you ROTATE to the K9 Yeast Defense as the yeast cell can "morph" and become resistant to the different antifungal formulas. Click here to view the Dog Yeast Formula.

Please note that Mycozyme is only sold along with the Probiotic $27.95 for effective treatment. The Mycozyme kills yeast while the Probiotic replenishes good bacteria. The products are sold together. For optimum results for healing and to prevent reinfection, we strongly recommend the purchase of our Complete Yeast Package: Amazing Omegas, Probiotic, Notatum and Mycozyme.
Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dangerous Foods Not To Feed Pets

During the holidays, it is very tempting to want to “treat” our pets to something special. Unfortunately, this can result in very serious consequences. Many small pets can be adversely affected from what might seem, is a tiny piece of food.

To be on the safe side, it is best to avoid giving your pet anything except extra love and attention during the holiday season. It is often a confusing time, especially if guests are coming to your home, and can be stressful as well. Adding new foods can only compound the problem.

During the holidays, it is quite common for emergency animal clinics to be filled with dogs and cats being brought in after suffering from a severe bout of pancreatitis. Giving pets table scraps such as fat from meat, cooked bones, turkey drippings and gravy, even in small amounts, can make them sick. Pet owners and doting relatives who overindulge the pet in holiday food are not only causing a change in the pet’s diet (which can make them sick on its own) but combining that with high fat foods can lead to serious, sometimes even fatal consequences.

Still, it is natural to want to pamper your pet and so if you want to give your pet an extra snack, plan ahead. Have safe treats such as your pet’s favorite treat available or consider giving fresh vegetables (steamed preferably) or lean meats or fish. A small teaspoon of canned pumpkin (plain pumpkin-not with pumpkin pie spice and sugar!) is also a safe option. Even a piece of a baked sweet potato, white potato or yam is ok.

The following foods, however, can be dangerous so avoid giving them to your pet:
* Chocolate (always toxic even in miniscule amounts)
* Grapes or raisins
* Onions (cooked or raw)
* Sweets (cookies, cake, ice cream, etc.)
* Rolls/bread (gluten is not good for pets!)
* High fat foods such as butter, gravy or turkey drippings
* Cooked bones (they can cause choking and tearing in the GI tract).

The most common thing people tend to do during the holidays is give the dog and cat scraps off the table, such as gravy and pieces of fat. These high fat foods can cause diarrhea, vomiting and overload the pet’s digestive system.
Moreover, overtreating pets during the holidays or anytime leads to obesity. Numerous studies indicate that pet obesity is on the rise contributing to an increase in life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and cancer.

So to make your holidays special with your furry friends, make safety your number one priority. Keep pets in a designated part of your home if guests come over so that they can’t get loose when the door opens, don’t leave them alone in a room when candles are burning and plan ahead if you want to give them some special treats. Finally, don’t forget those adorable holiday pet toys as those little surprises will keep your pet happy and entertained during this memorable time of year.
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Injured MinPin Gets Pain Relief With Amazing Arthrosoothe

Tootsie was a stray who came into our local shelter. I brought her home to foster her for Internet MinPin Service a year ago. She was somewhere around 10 years old at the time. She apparently had had injuries to her back legs. There was little muscle tone and she could barely walk, often holding one leg up as she tried. I started her on a glucosamine/chondroitin preparation but saw little progress. Three months later someone told be about Askariel products and I purchased the Amazing Arthro Soothe and started her on that. She made amazing progress. Within a month she was able to use the leg that previously she had not walked on. A couple months later she was able to go at a fast walk and a few more months and she could trot. Six months after starting the Amazing ArthroSoothe she was able to actually run. Today you would never know that her back legs had been so bad. She has good muscle tone, runs, uses steps, and never has any more discomfort. Jean Ensor
Friday, November 5, 2010

Cat with Kidney Failure (CRF)--Best Supplements To Use

Q: About my kitty, Joey. He has kidney failure. He is on your cat no-pill kidney package for small pets.  This has worked out well for us because it is so easy to use.  His kidney values have improved since using this package.  However, Joey has started to vomit even though I've been giving him pepcid for awhile now per his vets instructions. His bun and creatnine were high and his blood count low. So, since the vomiting started last week, I ordered the Gastro Ulc and also Marrow Plus bone marrow supplement. Still trying to do all I can. I'm wondering is you think the Cordyceps and purrfect pet cq 10 along with the renelix kidney formula will help or is this overkill? He's also getting 3 Standard Process formulas for kidneys. I really value what you tell me. Thank you so much, Tisa

A: Sorry your kitty has been so sick with kidney failure. First and foremost, be sure you are working with your veterinarian and administering subcutaneous fluids. That helps control a lot of the symptoms related to kidney failure that you are describing. It is important to use the right supplements and not to overdo it. I am not sure what all of the ingredients are in the Standard Process formulas you are using and it might be too many.....generally, we just recommend using either Renafood or Renatrophin. If your kitty is anemic, talk to your veterinarian about using Ferrofood along with the Marrow Plus--but again, this is something your doctor would need to recommend since I haven't had a consultation with you. Some of the other formulas may contain ingredients that are too high in phospohorous and/or redundant, so it might be a good idea to cut back.

The Renelix is our very best formula for cat kidney failure. We have excellent testimonials about it.   It helps detoxify the kidneys and works differently than anything else you are using. Thus, I would highly recommend it. Not sure if the Standard Process formulas contain Cordyceps but it is always a great option for addressing kidney disease. Purrfect Pet CoQ10 is very important for cats with renal failure but it may be contained already in your Standard Process products and there is already some in the Oxicell. Finally, the Probiotic is always recommended for cats with kidney failure as it helps to prevent UTIs (common with kidney disease), boosts immune function and supports the liver and kidneys. It may help greatly to relieve some of the acid stomach and gastrointestinal distress and is very easy to administer to cats.

In terms of "overkill", one way we try to avoid giving too many supplements to such a small pet is to use them on alternating days. For example, you could use the Kidney Terrain on one day and then Renelix the next. That helps to alleviate any potential problems with using too many products at once. Sure hope Joey feels better!