Monday, October 11, 2010

Immune Support For Feline Herpesvirus

Once a cat (just like a person) has been exposed to a virus, it can cause a weakened immune response so that the cat is more susceptible to getting sick. It is very important to try to help strengthen your cat’s immunity by minimizing exposure to toxins, feeding a high quality, high protein diet that is free of grains, and using nutritional supplements to boost immune function. Cats are carnivores and many cat foods contain fillers to elevate the protein percentage, thereby misleading the consumer. Try to purchase your cat food from specialty retailers rather than using grocery store or chain pet food brands. Many of the more “popular” well-advertised brands contain chemicals, by-products, grains and flavor enhancers that “bribe” your kitty’s taste buds at the risk of causing them harm.

In addition to giving your cat high quality food, some supplements can also help. Notatum and Quentans drops, used on alternating nights can help fight the virus and strengthen immunity. Notatum has been especially helpful for upper respiratory infections, while Quentans has a very effective anti-viral component. Olive Leaf extract is nature’s anti-infection formula and can help fight viruses and bacterial infections. It has been shown to be very effective with herpesvirus. Probiotic helps rebalance your kitty’s intestinal flora and is especially easy to use. The Probiotic can be mixed into food as most pet do not notice any type of taste. Using this along with Pet Colostrum Formula can help to repair your kitty's immune system. Finally, Samento and Immune Harmony can also be very helpful to help your kitty fight infections.

We understand how upsetting it can be to have your beloved pet diagnosed with a permanent condition such as feline herpesvirus. Dr. Gordon and I are always here to help. We offer pet health consultations by telephone to clients worldwide and can help you develop a complete holistic plan for your pet.
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