Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shocking Halloween Bad Dog Breath!

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Bad Dog Breath Kit--25% off

Don't let your dog scare off those cute Halloween trick-or-treaters! Order our Bad Dog Breath Kit today and make sure your dog's breath isn't a frightening odor!

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Use our Bad Dog Breath Kit and your dog will be much more kissable in no time! Helps improve digestion, stomach issues and overall health. Be sure to get your dog's teeth cleaned too!

Bad Dog Breath Kit includes:
Soothing Digestive Relief Formula (100 caps)---Helps break down food, reduces stomach upset and improves digestion so food doesn't "sit" too long in the digestive tract. When food doesn't break down immediately it can ferment and cause gas, bad breath and digestive upset. The product helps stop tummy rumbling and painful gas. Stools will be firmer and your pet will feel so much better!

Probiotic (60 caps)--Adds proper flora to help reduce the toxins that can cause odors. Helps with diarrhea, indigestion, gum problems, stomatitis. Especially needed if your pet has recently been on antibiotics!

Vitamineral Green 1 ounce Trial Size Jar ----Helps "alkalize and deodorize" your dog's intestinal tract and provides valuable vitamins and minerals to greatly reduce grass eating which often is a sign of an acid stomach.Excellent value---great results!!! Veterinarian-approved

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Natural Treatment for Dog and Cat Urinary Tract Infections

Pet UTI Prevention Package for Urinary Tract Infections
Veterinarian-Approved Because It Really Works!
If your cat or dog has been suffering with chronic urinary tract infections, we can help:

1) PET UTI PREVENTION Package to address different types of UTI problems such as stones, crystals or just frequent infections
2) INDIVIDUAL SUPPLEMENTS--purchase package supplements separately depending upon your budget and your pet's individual needs
NEED HELP? Email us at We are glad to help and will respond promptly.
1) Pet UTI Prevention Formula--acidifies the urine and helps keep bacteria from collecting on bladder walls
2) Probiotic--fights infection and yeast--imperative if your pet has been on antibiotics. If you don't use this, no matter how acid the urine, the infection will most likely return. In your pet's best interest, we require Probiotic to ensure success in tackling your pets chronic UTIs.
3) Renelix--flushes out the toxins from the kidneys and urinary tract. Helps restore normal kidney and urinary tract function. Helps with inflammation, bladder and kidney stones, crystals and mineral deposits. Use this product if your pet has ever had kidney or bladder stone or crystals or kidney disease or incontinence.
4) Akutur-- provides pain relief in the urinary tract, reduces inflammation and helps restore balance in the bladder and pelvic floor--especially important for interstitial cystitis
5) Notatum-infection fighter--this product is excellent for long-term use to keep infections under control, boosts immune function, helps get rid of infections even when the pet is not responding well to antibioticsDiet is a big culprit with chronic UTIs.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supplements For Dog Needing Kidney and Liver Support

Q: My 15 yr old mixed lab has arthritis in her spine and has been on Metacam and Dermax in the past couple of yrs. This week I started her on Inflammatone, Amazing Omegas and ArthroSoothe, so I am hopeful. Yesterday, her routine blood work showed her Alt(SGPT)134 and her kidney enzymes are up over the last 6 mos with a BUN 62, Creatine 1.9, Bun/Creatine Ratio of 33. in April 2010, her B/C Ratio was a normal 16. I understood the vet to say that she has lost 75% of here kidney function. Does that sound right? She is frail because of her arthritis in her spine, moves slowly, otherwise, seems to be fairly well. Besides her advanced age, I thought it could be the Metacam causing the elevations. She is on a low protein diet recommended by the vet. Could you please advise a kidney and liver support.

A: Congratulations on having your dog celebrate a 15th birthday. That is just wonderful! We have a lot of great supplements for kidney and liver support. You can try Oxicell which is a topical cream that helps both kidney and liver as well as Purrfect Pet CoQ10. Both of these would be very helpful. Also, Protease and Renelix (kidney detox) too.
Monday, October 11, 2010

Colostrum For Pets On Sale

Save on our Pet Colostrum Formula through October 15th

Who Can Benefit From our Pet Colostrum Formula?

1) Pets with bad breath
2) Pets with digestive and bowel issues
3) Pets with cancer or who have compromised immune systems
4) Pets with excessive tear staining
5) Cats with viral infections

This is a gentle, safe product that delivers fabulous results! Colostrum has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system and immune function. Our Pet Colostrum Formula is backed by scientific research AND independent third party testing. In fact, in a recent third party study that explored the product’s bioactive properties and ability to repair damaged cells as well as protect healthy cells, the Tegricel colostrum found in the Colostrum For Pets was shown to be three times as effective as the leading New Zealand colostrum supplier.

Sale Price: $41.50 (regular price $49)

For best results, we recommend using the Colostrum for Pets along with Probiotic. Save even more with our discounted package:
Colostrum For Pets + Probiotic Sale Price: $62.50 (retail price for items purchased separately $76.95)

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Immune Support For Feline Herpesvirus

Once a cat (just like a person) has been exposed to a virus, it can cause a weakened immune response so that the cat is more susceptible to getting sick. It is very important to try to help strengthen your cat’s immunity by minimizing exposure to toxins, feeding a high quality, high protein diet that is free of grains, and using nutritional supplements to boost immune function. Cats are carnivores and many cat foods contain fillers to elevate the protein percentage, thereby misleading the consumer. Try to purchase your cat food from specialty retailers rather than using grocery store or chain pet food brands. Many of the more “popular” well-advertised brands contain chemicals, by-products, grains and flavor enhancers that “bribe” your kitty’s taste buds at the risk of causing them harm.

In addition to giving your cat high quality food, some supplements can also help. Notatum and Quentans drops, used on alternating nights can help fight the virus and strengthen immunity. Notatum has been especially helpful for upper respiratory infections, while Quentans has a very effective anti-viral component. Olive Leaf extract is nature’s anti-infection formula and can help fight viruses and bacterial infections. It has been shown to be very effective with herpesvirus. Probiotic helps rebalance your kitty’s intestinal flora and is especially easy to use. The Probiotic can be mixed into food as most pet do not notice any type of taste. Using this along with Pet Colostrum Formula can help to repair your kitty's immune system. Finally, Samento and Immune Harmony can also be very helpful to help your kitty fight infections.

We understand how upsetting it can be to have your beloved pet diagnosed with a permanent condition such as feline herpesvirus. Dr. Gordon and I are always here to help. We offer pet health consultations by telephone to clients worldwide and can help you develop a complete holistic plan for your pet.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Autoimmune Supplement for Cats and Dogs--Plant Sterols for Pets

"We love Immune Harmony for our cat, Rocky. He gets
Immune Harmony in his baby food every afternoon.
He actually looks forward to this little treat. He is doing great!"
Deborah Albritton and Steve Yost

Immune Harmony 60 capsules
This product is helpful for all immune conditions and can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or prednisone. Rather than overstimulating your pet's immune system, this wonderful product helps the body to rebalance immune function. Thus, you will see improved results over time not instantly as if you were using an antibiotic. It slowly builds in your pet's system and helps them feel better overall. We have many highly allergic pets that were scratching and itching horribly last summer, that now with continued use, are seeing their pets having a much easier time this summer. Immune Harmony does not treat symptoms immediately but over time as the pet's immune function improves, most clients report solid long-term improvement . If your pet has chronic allergy symptoms, a serious immune condition such as cancer or an autoimmune related disorder, research shows that Immune Harmony should be utilized. This is a unique one-of-a-kind product that has been scientifically tested in various world-wide studies. Immune Harmony is the only supplement that offers 300 mg of plant sterols plus powerful antioxidants (Enzogenol®) that protect the body from free radical damage, and an essential fatty acid complex (BiolysateTM) that supports the digestive system and assists in the bioavailability of these health-promoting nutrients.
Friday, October 1, 2010

Canine Lung Cancer Testimonial

When my 95 pound boxer, Marconi, turned 12 years old, he was diagnosed with canine lung cancer during his yearly physical. The cancer could not be surgically removed and chemotherapy was not an option, either. The vet thought that Marconi would have about a month to live. Susan told me what supplements I should use to help Marconi boost his immune system, to try to slow down the canine lung cancer. I gave Marconi Digestzymes, Amazing Omegas, OncoPet and Immunitone. Six months later Marconi still didn't have any symptoms. The vet couldn't believe how well Marconi was doing and said that he would probably just live as long as if he didn't have cancer. Two months later Marconi finally started coughing. Susan told me to give him ApoPulm to help with his coughing. The ApoPulm gave me an addtional three weeks of time to spend with Marconi. He ended up living a full 8 months after his canine lung cancer diagnosis, without any signs of cancer until the very end. I am very grateful to Susan for giving me so much time with my beloved Marconi.

Dog Vomiting and Dog Acid Stomach Switching to a New Diet

Q from meechingurl:
My dog Lucky has been eating pedigree for 11 years. I just found out how terrible it is for dogs so I tried to change her food to evo. But she just threw up and had loose stool even with me adding 12 kibble pieces. Then I tried to put her on chicken soup for dog lover's. She seemed ok until I completely transitioned her. Now she's vomiting and eating grass again. What should I do?!

A: Dear Meechingurl:

It is very good that you are getting educated about nutrition and are trying to take care of your dog Lucky. It is never too late to try to help your dog and even small dietary changes will make a difference. Sometimes though when people or pets try to make changes too quickly, it can cause a "detox" reaction. To help Lucky through this transition, you need to do two things: 1) support Lucky using some important vitamins that will help her manage the transition and 2) detox out some of the toxins and use a milder food that is more similar to what she has been eating without all the chemicals.

To help her canine stomach acid (grass eating) and enable her to transition to a better food, use the following: Renelix--this product helps clean out accumulated toxins, Oxicell-antioxidant formula that helps fight free radicals, Probiotic--important for digestion and overall health, Soothing Digestive Relief--very gentle digestive enzyme that helps with vomitting and diarrhea and Gastro ULC (helps tremendously with stomach acid). Try transitioning at first to a very mild food such as Natural Balance sweet potato and duck or sweet potato and bison. Also, you might want to try using canned food and add some steamed green vegetables (fresh or frozen not canned) such as green beans along with it. The green beans help to neutralize the stomach acid. The EVO food is very rich and high in protein and fat--it is too much for an 11 year old that has been eating a reduced protein, high carbohydrate diet.  You are applauded for making this change for Lucky and we wish you all the best!