Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog Cancer Testimonials -- Holistic Pet Care Helps!

OncoPet Cancer Vitamin Really Works!


Hope for pets with cancer---OncoPet Really Works! Affordable 150 capsules (1 bottle lasts between 1 - 4 months depending your pet's weight) Excellent value---great results!!! Veterinarian-approved, comprehensive formula for pets with cancer. Great for cats and dogs with all types of cancer. Safe for pets undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

"Murphy was diagnosed with Stromal Sarcoma after a tumor on her spleen was discovered (which was removed through surgery) & was given 3 months (tops) to live. The vet told us to not even bother with chemo or radiation. This all happened in early August of '06. We contacted Susan Davis and did a consultation. She gave us a special cancer diet for Murphy and a supplement protocol (OncoPet and other products) based on her symptoms and type of cancer. It is now the end of April 2007 and Murphy is doing very well. She just celebrated her 8th birthday in March and still has has tons of energy & is so lovable. It is almost as if she knows every day is a gift. Thank you for all your care and concern. Murphy sends her love :)" ---Update Sept. 2009--Murphy is still alive and was featured in February 2009 Dog Fancy Magazine!---Update August 2010---Murphy is still hiking and happy!Gina, New York

"We have been using OncoPet with Buddy and we just can't thank you enough. Buddy has transitional cell carcinoma and the OncoPet vitamin has given him so much energy. We are so grateful for your product" Loren, Florida

"Thank you so much for the OncoPet. We have been using OncoPet for 1 1/2 years along with the Amazing Omegas, Immunitone and Resveratrol Synergy. Our 8 year old Golden Retriever Missy was diagnosed with lymphoma. We have been using the products along with the chemotherapy and she is doing great. We really noticed how using the products helped Missy get through the chemotherapy much better. Thank you Ask Ariel". The Block Family, Chicago, Illinois