Monday, August 30, 2010

Feline Staph Infection, Cat Skin Problems

Molly Marie, our kitty, was very sick and had fleas, ear mites and hot spots when we rescued her. We took her to the vet numerous times and she was treated with antibiotics and steroids that proved to be unsuccessful. We had blood work done and determined that she had a staph infection on the hot spots as well as an infection in her pancreas and a UTI too. She once again took antibiotics and everything healed except the hot spots, which by this time had become a lot worse with the largest one being the size of a lemon. I tried organic shampoo, sprays and creams—nothing worked.

I consulted AskAriel and based on Susan Davis’ recommendation, I changed her food and used the Pet Skin Package and I am so happy to report that Molly is on the mend. She is almost totally healed. Her largest spot is now the size of a dime and she is eating well and starting to gain some weight. Molly's hair is starting to grow back and her coat is very soft. I don't know what we would have done if not for Susan, her staff at Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist and her amazing products. My family and I thank her and most of all, Molly thanks her as she is getting better every day. Thank you Susan for all of your help and for how much you care about our little animals.

Sincerely, Shelley Bard in PA
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cat Cruelty Has a Happy Ending!

This story really upset me and was shocking. Watch the video and you will see an ordinary person walking by a sweet kitty who approaches for a little rub and then gets tossed in the trash! The owners of this cat Lola were looking for her and found her in the trash 15 hours later--she survived--she was very lucky. When I went to search for the story, I read more horrible stories about cats that did not fare so well. Fortunately, the woman who did this cruel act has been identified as Lola's owner used security cameras.

Lymph Terrain for Feline Intestinal Lymphoma and

Introducing Lymph Terrain For Lymphoma and Intestinal Lymphoma For Cats and Dogs
Lymph Terrain are gentle drops similar to Kidney and Heart Terrain that can easily be administered to your pet. A few drops help your pet to gently detox and drain toxins from the lymphatic system. When toxins are building up faster than your body can remove them, the lymph system can become sluggish (e.g. lymph nodes become swolen and toxins stagnate). Using Lymph Terrain provides detox support and gentle drainage of the lymph system. This is especially important when pets have lymph-related health conditions and weak immune systems. Moreover, it provides vitamins to help support the pet's overall lymphatic system as well.Special Introductory Price: $21.50 (Save 10%) Regular Price: $24.50

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yorkie Has Allergies, Scratching A Lot and Thin Hair

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A: Hi Arlene,

Thank you for submitting your question. It sounds as though the food you are feeding your yorkie needs to be changed and that she may also have some environmental allergies. If your yorkie is very picky, it would be best to work with me in a telephone or inperson appointment so that I could learn more about your yorkie's medical history and provide you with a full range of dietary options including both a homemade diet as well as some commercial diets. I am not sure if you saw that Dr. Gordon and I offer both inperson and telephone consultations where we can give you a comprehensive holistic plan for your pet. The sooner you get her on an improved diet, the better as allergies are cumulative and symptoms tend to get worse as pets age. Also, many yorkies have gastrointestinal issues and liver concerns, so it is important to work with a veterinary professional.

For starters, be sure to avoid foods that contain grains such as wheat, gluten, oats and corn as that can make pets very itchy. Also, chicken can be a big allergen. The thinning hair can immediately be addressed using our Amazing Omegas premium fish oil for pets. You only need to use a small amount and your yorkie's fur will start to improve in just a few days---the hair will grow in thicker, more lustrous and shinier. It also is very helpful in reducing inflammation due to allergies. As far as the itchy allergy symptoms, the Pet Skin Package on would be the best place to start.

Holistic Pet Care Seminar To Benefit Homeless Animals

Holistic Pet Care Seminar Saturday September 25
10:30 am - 12:00 am

For more information about or the instructors, click here

Is your pet endlessly scratching and itching? Does your pet suffer from arthritis? Learn how to heal your pets using nutrition, supplements and holistic care. The course will cover the best foods to feed your pet, nutritional supplements for common pet health issues and the latest innovations in “alternative veterinary care” such as acupuncture, stem cell therapy and chiropractic for arthritis.

Instructors: Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist Dr. David Gordon, Holistic Veterinarian

Date of Class: Saturday 10:30 am Sept. 25th

Location: VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital
1 South Pointe Dr. Lake Forest, CA 92630

Class Fee: $15 per person
100% of proceeds donated to Ariel Rescue

Refreshments will be served!

How To Register: RSVP Required--Seating Limited
Call 949-499-9380 or email:
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Border Terrier with Epilepsy, Fecal Incontinence, Acid Stomach

Q: My border terrier is 4 and she has recently started emitting a small hard ball of poop at night, or upon getting up in the morning, it falls out. I have done some online research and some sites pointed to gas as being the problem, others suggest having her checked for hemivertebrae. She has been seeking out grass to eat. We have also recently discovered that she may have a congenital disorder - a canine epilepsy. I wonder if the epilepsy like symptoms, and the fecal incontinence may both be symptoms of hemivertebrae. She has a vet appointment monday and I have asked the vet to express her anal glands which she has never had done. I wonder if I should also bring up the possibility of hemivertebrae. Any insight into her maladies would be greatly appreciated.

A: So sorry your border terrier is suffering with these health problems. Definitely work with your veterinarian to determine a diagnoses and inquire about possible spinal deformations such as hemivertebrae as well as potential neurological conditions. It sounds to me though that there are a couple of issues going on which could DEFINITELY be improved upon from a holistic standpoint. For instance, epileptic symptoms can be triggered by allergic reactions to dog food. Same with eating grass, anal gland problems and the gas/stool issue--food allergies and poor digestion can all cause these issues.

 Our holistic veterinary team could really help you to understand how what you are feeding might be dramatically impacting your dog's symptoms. For example, if your border terrier is eating any type of grains such as wheat, corn or rice (found in most commercial dog foods), this could be just one of the culprits. There are quite a few others however and without an indepth discussion, it would be hard for us to tell you exactly what to feed your border terrier. But, when dogs are eating grass, it is generally a sign of poor digestion and acid stomach. To combat this, you need to find a better food that works for your specific dog's needs. Potential problems with the food you are using? Grains, protein allergies (your dog may need a novel protein diet that excludes poultry for example), additives and depending upon what you are using, chemicals and byproducts. The diet is so important and unfortunately is often the last issue concerned in controlling neurological and unusual symptoms.

Be sure your border terrier is getting plenty of omegas in the diet and use Amazing Omegas to control the inflammation and provide neurological support. Gastro ULC is excellent for grass eating and definitely use a digestive enzyme such as Soothing Digestive Relief. as well as the Probiotic. Acupuncture can help if a neurological or veterbrae condition is diagnosed. Overall, there is a lot you can do to help your dog from a holistic standpoint, in addition to conventional veterinary care treatments. Get the tests done and a diagnoses, but there is so much you can do now without them just based on the symptoms you are describing.
Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feline Renal Failure--Holistic Supplements Helped!

Feline Renal Failure--Holistic Supplements For Ranger

"I ordered herbs for Ranger, my 14 year old cat, on Friday Jan 29th, 2010. To my great surprise, they arrived here in Upstate NY on Monday Feb 1st! Ranger, my kitty was near death. She hid to sleep constantly. Usually cats hide to die. She was in really bad shape. I had one cat die of liver disease and two others from renal failure. Ranger is my third cat with renal failure so I know how they act before they die. Anyhow, Ranger was near death on Feb 1st when your supplements arrived. I ordered the Cat Kidney Package that consisted of Renelix, Rehmannia 8 and Protease. I also ordered Kidney Terrain. I gave them to her but assumed she was probably too far gone by this time and I was kicking myself for having waited too long. However, after 3 -4 days, she started eating more, was more alert, sleeping less and feeling so much better. I know she isn't cured...but your supplements are giving her more quality time with me. For that, I am truly grateful. I know she is 14 but I can possibly see that if she stays the same as she is now, maye she will be around awhile more. THANK YOU!!!!!Daniel Mark Lafler April 2010
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poop Eating, Stool Eating, Excessive Urination in a 10 year old Bassett Hound

Q: My 10 or 11 year old bassett hound has for the past 2-3 years drank water excessively and then urinates large amounts. In the past 2 years he has wanted to eat dirt, and of course any rocks or sticks that are in the dirt. Then when he was boarded for 10 days in June, he started eating his poop. Now, I cannot get him to stop eating the poop, I have put hot sauce on it, to no avail and just have to follow him outside and scoop it immediately. I have tried several pills on the market to put in his food to deter poop eating but no change has occurred. He has been tested several times in last few years for diabetes, thyroid problems,etc. He has not tested positive for any of these. What do you suggest for his diet that may give him the minerals or nutrients he so evidently appears to need. He currently eats 3 cups of dry food daily(Nutro-small bits) mixed with plain yogurt and chicken broth but has an obsession with eating also--never appears satisfied. Any suggestions for helping with the poop eating, excessive drinking, excessive urinating, and dirt eating would be greatly appreciated!!!

A: Glad you contacted us as there are definitely some dietary issues going on. Let's take the issues apart separately. The first issue: excessive drinking and urination in a 10 year old bassett hound. Well, my inclination would be that your dog might have some type of hidden kidney issue. Sometimes kidney issues do not become apparent until about 75% of kidney function is gone. It is very hard to detect kidney problems until it is a full blown disease. Early warning signs can be excessive urination and drinking. Even if all the blood and urine tests are normal, this is still not normal behavior as you know, so at the very least, I would use a kidney detoxification formula such as Renelix to help support your dog's kidneys. As we age and as our pet's age, our kidney's ability to flush out toxins decline and thus there is a natural inclination by the pet to drink more (and thus urinate more) to help clean out the waste products. Just because your pet's test results do not indicate a kidney problem, doesn't mean that it isn't quietly creeping up. Use the Renelix as a protective measure and regardless, it will help in many ways--please see all of the benefits on

Secondly, when dogs eat stool, it can be a sign of a lot of different types of issues. One can be parasites so it is important to get a stool test done by your veterinarian. Another can be that your bassett hound is greatly lacking in protein and nutrition. Again, back to the kidney issue. Sometimes pets are losing protein through the urine--repeat a urine test to be sure that your dog isn't losing protein in the urine. Even if you had laboratory tests done over the last few years, a lot can change in a few months with an older dog. If you haven't had a test in the past 3 -4 months, repeat it just to be sure.  Definitely add the Kidney Health Protein Support for Pets   This formula breaks down protein and is essential for any pet that is losing protein in the urine.  It helps the body break down and utilize protein more efficiently and we have had excellent results using it for conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes and PLE (protein losing enteropathy).

The food you are using has some issues too. Dry kibble is made for your convenience and even in the best of brands, it is just not the same as eating fresh food. Dry food lacks enzymes and is similar to a person eating cereal day in and day out--it lacks nourishment although the calories are there. Dry food can also cause excessive thirst--think about how you feel after eating a lot of crackers. Pets, especially senior cats and dogs, need a high moisture diet. I would completely eliminate any type of dry kibble. Much better to updgrade to a more holistic pet food such as Natures Variety or Ziwi Peak as the brand you are using might contain excess amounts of grain such as corn, rice or wheat gluten. This is used to artificially inflate the protein in the food and can also contribute to why your dog isn't feeling satisfied. Having said that though, I wouldn't run out and purchase a grain-free diet without using Renelix and repeating the laboratory tests as well.

A telephone or inperson consultation would greatly help after you repeat the bloodwork and urine analysis as indicated above. I would be reluctant to recommend a food to you without confirmation that there isn't something else going on. Definitely upgrade the food though in the meantime and add some fresh vegetables and fresh lean protein to your dog's diet. Use a digestive enzyme such as Digestzymes to help enhance protein digestion too. All of the issues you mentioned could be greatly improved upon, but getting a new set of laboratory tests first would be the best place to start.
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Sale on Skin Balance for Pets

90 Tablets


Excellent product for itching pets! Helps relieve skin inflammation and irritation. Skin Balance is designed to treat skin inflammation. It helps to eliminate toxins and nourish the blood, thereby reducing skin eruptions and itchiness. This is a great inexpensive option to try. We have found Skin Balance works best when used in conjunction with our Omega 3 products such as Amazing Omegas and products with anti-histamine properties such as Syallgen. If your pet has chronic infections, you should also use Notatum and/or Myco-zyme (for yeast). We do not recommend Skin Balance for pets with severe, chronic diarrhea as the product's objective is to help release toxins, which in extremely sensitive pets, may temporarily increase elimination. If your pet suffers from chronic diarrhea or digestive symptoms, we highly recommend scheduling a telephone consultation with Susan Blake Davis as pets with poor digestion typically have allergy issues due to the inadequate elimination of toxins.

Therapeutic Actions:
-Reduces itching and skin inflammation
-Treats conditions existing in psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, hives, and other inflammatory skin conditions
-Removes toxins in blood which cause skin inflammation
-Facilitates recovery of skin tissues once the itching and inflammation are under control
-Moistens and nourishes the skin
-Helps reduce redness

Ingredients: Barbat Skullcap Ban Zhi Lian, Oldenlandia Bai Hua She Cao, Gentian Long Dan Cao, Rehmannia Root Sheng Di Huang, Viola Zi Hua Di Ding, Siler Fang Feng, Lonicera Jin Yin Hua, Lysimachia Jin Qian Cao, Coptis Root Huang Lian, Tang-kuei Dang Gui, Bupleurum Chai Hu, Carthamus (Safflower) Hong Hua, Senna Leaf Fan Xie Ye, Rhubarb Da Huang

Regular Price $20.00

For best results, choose the Skin Balance Package that includes Skin Balance and Amazing Omegas. The Skin Balance will help relieve inflammation and itching while the Amazing Omegas will give your pet a gorgeous, lustrous coat. Sale Price $36.95---regular retail is $42.50.

Special SAMe SALE!!

Special SAMe For Pets 200 mg 30 sealed caplets

SALE: Save $5 through August 14th

Who can benefit from Special SAMe?

1) Pets with liver conditions or liver disease

2) Senior pets

3) Pets with arthritis

4) Pets with cancer

Wonderful product--perfect for any senior pet or pet with joint problems.

Special SAMe For Pets offers a variety of scientifically proven benefits for pets: helps relieve joint pain, support the liver and is a terrific antioxidant. For joint pain, this product works especially well when used in conjunction with the Dog Arthritis Package. Guaranteed potency and purity---this product is not just your everyday SAMe that you can purchase at the drug store---it is third party tested for purity and potency and includes addiitonal ingredients for maximum absorption and effectiveness. SAMe is extremely sensitive to degradation from air and moisture. Special SAMe is superior to other products on the market due to its stability in the nitrogen blister packs and maximized bioavailability by an enteric coating. It is recommended that each blister be opened immediately before ingesting the tablet. Special SAMe tablets are enterically coated in order to prevent its breakdown by stomach acidity and promote intact absorption in the small intestine. Even if the body is producing normal or average levels of SAMe, certain physiological states create an increased demand for it, such as: aging, dietary deficiency, inflammatory states, emotional/physical stress or genetic polymorphysms. Sub-optimal levels of SAMe in some individuals may be due to insufficient amounts of the precursor amino acid methionine (vegetarianism or poor protein intake).

Great product--really special---seems to work much more effectively than other brands of SAMe--great value as you don't have to use as many tablets as other brands might recommend. We have many testimonials about how well this product helps pets with liver conditions, arthritis and overall general health. Please note that the 200 mg caplet size is appropriate for pets over 20lbs.

Regular Price $36.95

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bichon Yorkie with Thinning Hair--Natural Supplements to Help A Dog's Coat

Q: My 5-month-old bichon yorkie has thinning hair. The vet said it could possibly be flea allergy and acted like it was a death sentence. He said it was uncommon for puppies of this age to start having allergies? Are there are any supplements good for hair. I was led to believe he would have a thick coat of hair.

A: There are a lot of reasons why a dog might have thinning hair and it is important to rule out all of them. Yes--allergies is a big issue. Pets can have both environmental and food allergies. Be sure you are using a high protein, hypoallergenic diet free of grains. Most commercial dog food contains grains such as corn, wheat, oats and rice, all of which are not beneficial for a young puppy. Be sure your bichon yorkie puppy does not have fleas and keep your pet's bedding especially clean.

You also need to get your yorkie bichon's thyroid checked. Thinning hair can be a sign of a thyroid disorder. Many veterinarians are skeptical that a young dog might have a thyroid disorder but it is possible, while uncommon. In my practice, I have seen several young dogs that have underactive thyroids and if this is determined, we have used the Biothyro product successfully to help.

If your pet has dry coat and thinning hair, then I can think of no better product than Amazing Omegas. Amazing Omegas will give pets a thick, lustrous coat and you will notice an improvement in the sheen in just a few days. We have many, many clients who use other fish oils and just can't get over the difference. This exceptional fish oil for pets is extremely bioavailable and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend using Amazing Omegas for allergies, coat problems, joint issues and overall good health for your pets.

If your yorkie bichon puppy is scratching and itching as well and your veterinarian has said that your dog has flea allergies, than it would be a good idea to get the Dog Skin Package The dog skin package includes three products proven to help with dog itching, dog scratching, dry skin and coat issues. The Proaller helps to reduce itching and the Notatum is excellent for any type of infection and inflammation. The Amazing Omegas fish oil is part of the package as well. The three products are easy to use and can greatly benefit your yorkie bichon puppy.
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Affordable Pet Cancer Supplement: ONCOPET

OncoPet Cancer Support 150 capsules (1 bottle lasts between 1 - 4 months depending upon the weight and condition of your pet)

ON SALE NOW---Save over 15%--Sale Price: $47.95, Reg Price: $58Excellent value!!!

Veterinarian-approved, comprehensive formula for pets with cancer. Great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one, cancer supplement for your pet. We have had terrific results with this product. Pet owners report increased energy, stamina and longevity. Use for cats and dogs.

This is a broad spectrum formula that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that have been shown to enhance the immune system and provide critical support for pets with cancer. Great opportunity to use an all-in-one product rather than having to buy 5-6 separate products. OncoPet cancer support formula has been used extensively with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Gentle--no reported side effects.

OncoPet is formulated from leading research on natural agents such as: D-Limonene, IP6, Tocotrienols, Modified Citrus Pectin, Calcium D-glucarate and Arabinongalactans. The formula includes agents that have been shown to help limit or discourage abnormal cell growth and/or have chemoprotective and anti-inflammatory actions. OncoPet will help your pet's immune system and provides important nutrients to help fight cancer. Pet owners report that their pets tolerated chemotherapy better upon using the product because of the detoxifying herbs included in OncoPet.

Ingredients:The following ingredients are based up 10 capsules. Dosage amounts are signficantly less depending upon the weight of the pet: