Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feline Viruses: FIV, Herpes, Feline Aids, FeLV--Holistic Care Can Help

There are many different feline viruses. Feline Aids, Feline Herpes and Feline Leukemia virus are just a few examples. What is so discouraging about viruses, is
that there is often very limited treatment options in conventional
veterinary care. The treatment options tend to focus on the symptoms and conditions associated with the virus, not targeting the virus itself. For example, if your kitty develops an upper respiratory infection, you may be given antibiotic therapy to address the bacterial aspect of the infection, but the virus is still the underlying cause.
Holistic veterinary care can help address and target the virus itself. By strengthening your cat's immune system, you will help your cat respond better to the virus and not just treat the symptoms associated with the feline virus. A twofold approach is needed to help strengthen your cat's immune system. First, you need to get your cat on a hypoallergenic, grain-free diet. Be sure your diet is free of allergens such as corn, wheat and rice and contains valuable sources of nutrients such as fresh meat and omega 3s. Cats are carnivores and they need protein! If possible, avoid the use of dry kibble and feed a combination of canned and raw frozen foods. Watch the treats you use and make sure they don't contain artificial ingredients.
Supplements can greatly help cats with weak immune systems and viruses. For a complete listing of all the supplements that might help with feline viruses, click here In particular, we have seen cats with very weak immune systems accompanied by sneezing and chornic infections show improvement quickly using a combination of Notatum and Quentans. Also, using a fish oil such as Amazing Omegas along with Probiotic will help your cat fight the virus.
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  1. Ah, this is what I've been looking for! One of my 3 cats is a rescue from a large feral cat colony. I adopted her at about 18 months of age. She has struggled with feline herpes outbreaks for the past probably 3 years. She gets probiotic powder and a B vitamin supplement already. I've recently switched to a grain-free food and noticed a HUGE difference. In general, our family is very natural-minded, and I'd like that to carry over to our animals more. Do you recommend dental care to address the oral symptoms?