Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feline Stomatitis--Holistic Supplements That Will Help!

Q: Dear Ariel: My cat was diagnosed with stomatitis. Her mouth hurts her terribly. I want to try to find some holistic supplements that will help. Can you give me an idea of some natural products I can try?

Regina, Kansas City

A: Dear Regina: Yes, there are supplements that will help with feline stomatitis. What I would recommend is trying a few and introducing one at a time. Wait a few days before introducing the next so that you can see how your kitty will respond. Here is a link to all of the products for feline stomatitis but I am highlighting a few below:

Power Probiotic--This formula has been used on thousands of cats with excellent results for symptoms ranging from bacteria and infection in the mouth, intestines, IBD, urinary tract infections and kidney disease. It is just a wonderful nutritional supplement that should be considered a regular food, part of any cat's daily regimen. It is perfectly safe for young kittens and helps to ward off worms and other parasites.

Argentyn--Argentyn can be dropped onto the sore gums and teeth several times a day. It is an amazing infection fighter and perfectly safe.

Pet Colostrum Formula---Colostrum is very helpful for the intestinal lining and mouth. A lot of cats like the taste and will eat it readily. Provides very important immune support for feline stomatitis.
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