Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CoQ10 For Cats and Dogs Help Kidneys, Heart, Gums and More

Fabulous Savings on This Premier Product For Pets (Purrfect Pet 60 mg) and People (CoQ10 100mg)
60 Softgels

SAVE $5 per bottle through Friday July 2nd
Indicated for pets with: kidney disease, heart disease, gum problems, stomatitis in cats, cancer and senior pets

Get great quality at an affordable price--a little goes a long way! Purity and potency guaranteed. Third Party Tested. CoQ10 varies greatly in quality and effectiveness depending on where and how it is manufactured. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Other CoQ10 products might look the same, but could contain cheap materials and artificial ingredients that can be harmful to your pet!!! Be sure to use a gelcap, with CoQ10 from Japan, third party tested to ensure it is safe and healthy for your pet.

Easy to Administer to Cats and Dogs--Gelcaps can be squeezed on food for small pets or put into a broth and syringed in if pet is extra finicky! The CoQ10 is in an oil base that most pets will eat or give as a whole capsule to larger pets.

Critical antioxidant---essential for feline kidney disease and canine kidney disease, cancer, heart disease and overall good health. CoEnzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is found in every cell of the body. It is critical for the production of energy and facilitates the activities of enzymes (the catalysts for all chemical reactions, e.g. energy production). As we age, our body's supply of CoQ10 diminishes, especially if taking cholesterol lowering drugs such as Lipitor. Numerous research studies on this vital nutrient have found it to be especially beneficial for diseases such as congestive heart failure, kidney disease, gum problems, diabetes and more.

Buyer beware---CoQ10 is not the same---depending upon where and how it is manufactured, this vital nutrient may or may not be "bioavailable" and/or usable by the body. Purity and potency are extremely important when selecting a manufacturer of CoQ10. Purrfect Pet Coenzyme Q10 softgels use an advanced technology that provides an efficient and natural method of nutrient delivery, offering enhanced absorption and assimilation versus ordinary capsules and tablets containing Coenzyme Q10. This soluble, pre-emulsified form of CoQ10 is a great choice when you want to ensure better absorption of this powerful nutrient. Also, it is free of PEG, polysorbate 80 and Titanium Dioxide, which are often found in other CoQ10 softgel products.

This formula gives pets energy!!!! Watch them perk up especially when used together with the Resveratrol Synery.

The formula was just recently enhanced and is now backed by a clinical trial that yielded impressive results. Study results show peak absorption of Purrfect Pet CoQ10 is 8 times greater than dry powder and two times greater than its toughest human-grade competition when compared to dry powder, liposomal, nanoparticle, and partial dissolved in oil formulations. Purrfect Pet CoQ10 underwent other clinical trials as well, including a 36-hour peak absorption study to determine the total amount of CoQ10 absorbed and a 28-day steady state study to determine the amount of CoQ10 in the blood plasma available for use by the body cells. In these studies, Purrfect Pet CoQ10 was compared to a standard dry powder CoQ10 product. The results of the 36-hour absorption study showed that Purrfect Pet CoQ10 had a total absorption of 11.65% compared to dry powder having an absorption of 1.32%, which makes Purrfect Pet CoQ10 783% more absorbable than dry powder. The results of the 28-day steady state study showed that at the end of 28 days there were 8989 ug/ml of Purrfect Pet CoQ10 available for use by the cells, compared to 1623 ug/ml of dry powder CoQ10. This makes Purrfect Pet CoQ10 441% more bioavailable than dry powder CoQ10.

Purrfect Pet CoQ10 is designed for optimal absorption, stability and cost-efficiency. Oral supplementation with CoQ10 is often desired to improve immune function, mitochondrial metabolism and energy production in the support of fatigue-related disorders, the enhancement of athletic performance, periodontal problems and the support of cardiomyopathy and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s. CoQ10 has also been demonstrated to be an effective antioxidant, reducing lipid peroxidation. It is extremely helpful for pets with kidney and liver disease as well.If your pet has kidney disease, cancer, a heart condition, periodontal disease or liver issues--this product should be an important part of the treatment regimen.

SAVE $5 per bottle on Purrfect Pet CoQ10 60 mg $36.95SAVE $10 per bottle on Q-Avail 100mg for people (and 100lb dogs) $52THROUGH Friday July 2nd
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