Thursday, January 7, 2010

Itchy Pets--Scratching and Itching?--Allergy Drops Will Help

New! Allergy Combination Drops to Help Pets That Are Scratching and Itching!

Ask Ariel is constantly searching for new ways to help you and your pets with allergies. There are many pets that are constantly scratching and itching and it takes time and dedication to find the right combination of formulas to help them. Ask Ariel has a full array of formulas and recommends that young pets start initially by using a hypoallergenic, grain-free diet along with our Pet Skin Package. However, if your pet has severe environmental allergies or is on a reduced protein diet (excess carbohydrates can make pets itchy), please consider our new homeopathic combination drops. These affordable drops are especially convenient for pet owners with small cats and dogs. Just combine the two formulas together and give to your pet inbetween meals. Some clients have reported exceptionally great results and found it to be the answer to finally help their pets stop with the constant scratching and itching from environmental allergies. Allergy Combination Drops Price: $28.95

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