Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holistic Care For Dogs and Cats with Cancer

Holistic care for dogs and cats with cancer can definitely help. Regardless of whether or not you are proceeding forward with medications or chemotherapy, giving your cat or dog with cancer a better diet, supplements and holistic care such as acupuncture can only help.

Holistic veterinary care for dogs and cats with cancer is not meant to replace conventional veterinary care but rather is intended to accompany it. Clients often ask "My pet has been diagnosed with cancer--will this help?" or "will this interfere with the medication I am giving my dog?" If your dog or cat is still having a good quality of life, then giving them good nutrition and vitamins could make a signficant difference.

Another misconception is that if your pet is undergoing chemotherapy, that using alternative supplements is not an option. Many of our patients are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation along with administering nutritional supplements and have fared especially well. Some of the supplements we recommend such as OncoPet and Immune Harmony provide support and enable the dog or cat to handle the medication better.

Some key objectives in using nutritional supplementation for cancer are:

1) Supportive care for digestion (many dogs with cancer have digestive issues)
Soothing Digestive Relief, Probiotic

2) Supportive care for the organs affected (e.g. liver support supplements if the pet has liver cancer)

3) Immune system support Immunitone

4) Detoxification to help release toxins Detoxification Kit

5) Antioxidants to neutralize free radicals (limited use with approval from your veterinarian if undergoing chemotherapy/radiation) Oxicell

You can find detailed information about how these products might help your cat or dog with cancer on Ask Ariel's cancer page: In addition, you might also consider scheduling a consultation with a pet nutritionist or holistic veterinarian regarding your dog's diet as dogs with cancer have very special dietary needs.