Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dog Scratching, Itching and Chewing

Is your dog scratchng and itching? Is your dog's coat dry? Our Dog Skin Package can really help and is on sale now. When dogs are scratching and itching, most owners immediately assume it is from fleas. It is important to bring your dog to the veterinarian for an exam to ensure it is not fleas or parasites which can definitely cause itching. However, once these have been ruled out, many times the issue is food allergies and poor digestion from the diet. Many dry foods such as dry kibble contain grains such as wheat, corn and rice which can cause dogs to scratch and itch. Even hypoallergenic diets can contain too many carbohydrates which can lead to yeast overgrowth and your dog continually scratching and itching.
Moreover, even if you are using a premium raw food diet, dogs may scratch from environmental allergies too. The first line of defense is a powerful Omega 3 fish oil. Amazing Omegas is highly purified, potent and backed by research. Within just a few days, dogs will start to have a lustrous sheen to the fur and new hair will start growing in. This omega oil is really special and the results are dramatic. The Notatum helps to reduce inflammation and infection and the Proaller helps reduce scratching, itching and endless chewing in dogs. Many pet owners report that they are finally able to get a good nights sleep after using this terrific combination as their dog can finally rest and stop endless scratching, itching and chewing.
Save now on our Dog Skin Care Package which helps reduce redness, reduces scratching and itching and helps heal sores and bumps. Great for Pets With Allergies.Save 15% Through Saturday December 5th Sale Price: $59.75 Regular Price: $69.95