Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad Dog Breath---Causes, Supplements and Treatments

Dogs like this one are so loveable and cute....until you smell their breath. When dogs have bad breath, many owners have a tendency to "humanize" the symptom and think they just need a doggie "breath mint". Please don't! Bad dog breath does mean something and usually it is a sign of digestive trouble. Bad dog breath is a condition that needs to be addressed and can be fixed easily--you just have to figure out the root cause. The primary reasons dogs get bad breath:

1) teeth need cleaning OR 2) poor digestion and stomach issues

However, it can be caused by other serious conditons as well such as kidney disease so a simple symptom can have very serious causes that warrant attention.
If your dog has bad breath, take a look at the last time you had your dog's teeth cleaned. There is now anesthesia- free cleaning available at most pet stores and some veterinarian offices which you can explore other than having to anesthetize your dog every time you want to get his or her teeth cleaned. If the teeth are clean, then you need to look at what you are feeding your dog. Kibble, for one can expand in their stomach and be hard to digest. Is your dog having gas and diarrhea too? This is often the case. Poor digestion is directly linked to bad breath as well as skin problems too---you need to change the food.

Try a hypoallergenic food and avoid some of the key allergens mentioned previously on the blog such as corn and grains. A raw diet using novel proteins might also help.

But bad dog breath is also an area where supplements will really help. Take a look at our Bad Dog Breath Kit.

It may seem silly but this combination of three terrific formulas--Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief and Vitamineral Green can really make a difference. The Probiotic provides the good bacteria helping to rebalance your pet's digestive flora in the mouth as well as in the intestinal tract, the Vitamineral Green acts like nature's alkalizer and deodorizer and the Soothing Digestive Relief helps the food move through your dog's digestive tract in a healthy manner. What is it you are really smelling? is bacteria arising from undigested food that is fermenting in your dog's stomach and intestinal tract. So.....the more you can help improve your dog's digestion, the better off you all will be.