Monday, October 12, 2009

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Holistic Care Treatment

My friend has a 7 yr. old female redbone coonhound who was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Feb. 2009. She has gone through 3 rounds of anitbiotics. 2 rounds happened back-to-back at the time of diagnosis because she took a long time to respond. Last week she had another round of anti-biotic combined with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication which has helped tremendously. Prior to this last treatment and before being diagnosed back in Feb., she has been very lethargic, achey and limping. Is there anything you would suggest for her, she is such a sweety??
Thank you in Advance Susan!

A: Definitely continue to work closely with her veterinarian as this is a very serious tick-borne disease. The goal of the holistic care would be twofold: strengthen her immune system to enable the antibiotics to fight the infection and use detoxification formulas to help clear the toxins from the disease as well as the heavy doses of medication. Be sure her dog is eating a healthy diet with plenty of green vegetables and fresh ingredients. Do not use pet foods that contain byproducts or artificial ingredients and depending upon her liver and kidney blood test results, use lean sources of fresh protein such as fish. Using a potent, highly purified omega fish oil such as Amazing Omegas will help reduce the inflammation.

In terms of supplements, three particular supplements are a top priority:
1) Samento--widely used for the treatment of Lyme Disease, another tickborne disease, this product is excellent for fighting infection 2) Immunitone--excellent overall immune support 3) Detoxification Kit--helps the liver, kidneys and lymph system clear the toxins--very important. Often pets affected with these tickborne diseases can go into kidney failure so the Renelix contained in the Detoxificiation kit is especially essential. Also, Probiotic would be very beneficial following the course of antibiotics to help rebalance instestinal flora.