Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pet Nutrition Seminar to Benefit Homeless Animals

Natural Cures For Pets

September 26, 2009

10:00 am -11:30 am

100% of Proceeds to Benefit Homeless Pets

Help your pet feel better and live longer using natural holistic care. Learn about pet nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic and nutritional supplements. If your pet has been suffering from chronic allergies, urinary tract infections, arthritis, skin problems and other health issues, learn how optimal pet nutrition and holistic veterinary care can help!

Location: VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital
1 South Pointe Drive
Lake Forest, Ca 92660

Class Fee: $15 per person (Refreshments included!)
100% of proceeds donated to Ariel Rescue


Dr. David Gordon, Holistic Veterinarian
Medical Director, VCA Arroyo

Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist

Please visit for more information or call 949-499-9380.
  1. This is a great idea!

    I currently buy a holistic pet food through my local no-kill shelter and they benefit from the proceeds.

    The holistic pet food created by veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks. She has her own stand-alone manufacturing facility, so there is no worry about cross-contamination of equipment by other pet-food manufacturers using lower-quality ingredients. She makes the food in small batches and quality control tests every one.

    She also uses only human-grade ingredients, and no corn, wheat or soy products. No preservatives or dyes. The foods are fast-cooked to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, and she refuses to sell the product via stores because she doesn't want it sitting on store shelves (because of the absence of preservatives). So you order it online through a registered agent, and it ships to your door! The best part is that she encourages customers to call into a monthly conference call she does and ask questions about the food. Can't do that with Iams or Science Diet!

    The registered agent I use to buy my food through is my local no-kill shelter. Their site for Life's Abundance is My shelter gets a portion of the proceeds, so if you're going to order, please use the above web site! (Yes, a shameless plug to help my local shelter!)
    Also, please note that each 40-lb bag of kibble contains approximately 160 cups. Each cup of dog food has 483 kcal/cup. Check whatever food you're using now, because this is very nutritionally-dense food and most people find they need to feed much less of it to maintain their pets' weights. I cut my 70-lb pointer back from 2 cups twice a day to 1.3 cups twice a day. My heeler gets half a cup twice a day.


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