Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dog Scratching, Itching, Chewing

The hot weather seems to be the worst of times for our dogs who scratch and itch and chew on their paws until they bleed. They chew, lick, scratch, scoot and tear their hair out. Their paws turn red and they get ear infections as well as hot spots. While it could be fleas, mites, parasites or mange, most of the time, it is allergies! Just as many of us experience hay fever and develop respiratory symptoms, our dogs with allergies often develop skin issues. Allergies can be both environmental and food related.

It is essential to use Notatum + ProAller to help your pet feel better. Notatum + ProAller helps to relieve itchiness and redness due to inflammation.

Conventional veterinary treatment for allergies involves treatment with cortisone, antibiotics, allergy shots, antihistamines, shampoos and topical treatments. All of these can be very helpful for our pets and give them much needed immediate relief. But many of our pets have much more chronic problems and the symptoms return as soon as the medicines wear off. This is where holistic veterinary care can become especially valuable. Holistic veterinary care involves the use of a hypoallergenic diet and supplements to address the pet’s underlying condition. Many times pets have a chronic yeast condition which weakens their immune system. Pets with allergy problems typically have digestive disorders and since a great deal of our immune system is located in the GI tract, there is a direct correlation. Minimizing allergy symptoms is often directly related to quieting the inflammation in the GI tract.

If your dog is scratching and itching, chewing on its paws or has red spots, please bring your dog to the veterinarian. You will need to get help with the immediate infection. However, long-term you will need a holistic action plan. You need to get your dog on a completely hypoallergenic, low carbohydrate diet. There is no "one diet" that works for everyone. The diets I recommend vary depending upon other pet health considerations: age, weight, other health issues (e.g. pancreatitis)
Supplements that can be helpful for dogs that are scratching and itching:

Notatum + ProAller--helps to relieve itchiness and redness due to inflammation

Myco-Zyme + Power Probiotic--great for dogs with yeast and ear infections offers a full spectrum of products for dogs that are scratching and itching and chewing on paws. Be sure you are using a high quality, potent fish oil. We love Amazing Omegas.