Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog Itching, Scratching and Chewing on Paws From Dog Biscuits

Is your dog scratching, itching, chewing on his paws? The first place to start is to make sure your dog doesn't have fleas. But, if you are using regular flea preventative, then you need to look at the food you are feeding. Many conscientious pet owners will be feeding hypoallergenic dog food but then giving peanut butter dog biscuits. Please note your dog may be allergic to the following foods which can cause itching, scratching, yeast, chewing on paws: grains such as corn, wheat, gluten or milk products or peanut butter. So....chances are you might be using an "all natural biscuit" but it still contains all the ingredients to make your dog itch! Just because something says it is organic, all natural, healthy, etc doesn't mean it is good for your dog!!! The most common food allergens are grains and peanut butter but people keep giving them to their pets because they like them. Believe it or not, most dogs will like anything you give them so try using vegetables such as baby carrots, a slice of apple or a protein-based treat such as venison or Wildside Salmon Treats. Do NOT GIVE CHICKEN STRIPS---think about all the chemicals that are used to treat the chicken and all the warnings about parasites etc we have with poultry. Many dogs became sick from the chicken strips sold at the big warehouse stores and some were even displaying kidney failure as a result.

Many dogs that are scratching, itching, chewing on paws and/or have hot spots, will show improvement in just a few days when you get them off grains. It is always a good idea to supplement with Amazing Omegas fish oil to help them get a beautiful, lustrous coat and reduce inflammation caused by the allergies. Also, the Myco-zyme Yeast package might be needed if your dog has a chronic problem with ear infections and yeast (often shows as smelly between the toes).