Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog Cancer Supplements for Golden Retriever With Lymphoma

Anonymous said...
Im so distraught. I have just been informed my beloved Golden, Daisy has lymphoma. I can not afford chemotherapy. Are there any supplements that would help?

Response from Susan Davis

So very sorry that Daisy has lymphoma. I completely understand how devastating it is to find out your beloved pet has cancer. My Siberian Husky was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and I will never forget the horror I experienced when the vet told me her prognosis. If you go back to prior entries made in August and September 2008, you can read some of the entries I made regarding my personal journey with Tessie's cancer.

With canine lymphoma, holistic care can really help. Improving Daisy's diet to ensure she is on a high protein nutritious diet is the first step. Be sure to look at the pet food label and consider switching to a homemade or raw food diet.

As far as supplements, OncoPet is our very best product for cancer. It is a comprehensive formula that includes a variety of vitamins, herbs and neutraceutical agents that have been shown to be helpful for cancer patients. We have many success stories of pets living longer and having increased energy after using this product, especially when used in conjunction with Immune Harmony.

Also, the Detoxification Kit would really help too. It includes 3 remarkable formulas that help clear toxins from different organ systems. The Itires formula in particular would be especially helpful as it clears toxins from the lymph nodes.

Again, I am so very sorry that Daisy has lymphoma but feel confident that if you take action now to improve her diet and add some of these high quality supplements, you will be giving her a chance to extend not only the quality of her life but also possibly her time as well.