Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cat Kidney Disease Supplements

Kidney disease in cats is fairly common especially as cats grow older. There are a number of vitamins and supplements that can help. The problem is that sometimes it is hard to give these to your kitty. We have listed below some products for your consideration that you can try in order of ease of administration. Sometimes people actually report that giving their cats pills is easy---this is very unusual but terrific! Most of the time drops are easier but you can always try mixing some of the powder from a capsule with some broth in a syringe and turn any supplement into a liquid too.
There are several supplements that can help cats with kidney disease. Oxicell SE by far is the easiest supplement to administer to a kitty and is helpful for all types of conditions such as feline kidney disease, liver disease in cats and just general good health. All you do is apply a small amount to your kitty's ear tip. Kidney Terrain provides critical vitamins and nutrients to the kidneys and many cat owners have reported to us that they have seen tremendous improvement in their kitty's overall demeanor and even blood values while using this product. It just requires a few drops on the tongue, lips or even on your kitty's paw! Renelix helps the body to flush out toxins that accumulate in the kidneys and urinary tract. This product requires using a syringe and is a bit harder to use, but can deliver the greatest overall results. Many clients report that their kitty stops vomiting and showing improvement, especially if they have uremia and their kidney disease is fairly advanced. Kidney Health is an enzyme that helps to break down protein, enhancing digestion and reducing the workload on the kidneys. For most kitties, this is also easy to use because you just sprinkle on a little bit into your kitty's food.
We understand that having your cat diagnosed with kidney disease can be upsetting and it is important to become educated about all that you can do to help. Please be sure to go back to our prior blog articles which detail the full range of conventional and holistic veterinary medical options for cats with kidney disease. Early detection is key, maintaining proper hygiene for your cat (e.g. regular teeth cleanings can help your cat’s kidneys), fluid therapy, using the appropriate kidney-friendly diet and a select number of nutritional supplements will help give your cat a chance to live a long life, even with the kidney disease.