Monday, February 23, 2009

Yeast Infections in Dogs

Many times in dogs, yeast presents itself as red, itching skin or smelly odor or paw licking/chewing or chronic ear infections and urinary tract infections. Yeast is typically associated with very allergic pets. You may have tried rounds of antibiotics as well as topical creams and yet your dog still keeps itching and getting infections. Pets with yeast infections need to be healed from the inside out. While topical treatments are helpful, it is important to understand what is causing the yeast in the first place. Generally, the yeast is caused by an imbalance of flora as well as chronic food allergies. The diet needs to be low in carbohydrates and free of foods that can promote yeast such as wheat.

Your dog will need a solid, proven probiotic to help restore the balance of flora. For pets with chronic yeast infections, we recommend the Myco-zyme Package which works fantastic with the Power Probiotic for Pets. The Mycozyme helps to kill yeast and parasites while the Probiotic help replenish the good bacteria as the yeast is killed. Please see Maurice's testimonial below:

"To our friends at Ask Ariel:

Several weeks ago we bought your yeast package for our sixteen-year-old poodle/terrier Maurice. He had been just miserable. We would like you to know that Maurice's life has changed dramatically thanks to your products and diet recommendations. Maurice is no longer itching and biting himself. He is able to totally relax for the first time in months. This has restored his vitality and he is now playing with his toys again. Maurice's skin is no longer greasy and smelly and his ears are no longer oozing. We are thrilled to say the least!!!! Thank you, The Hager Family"
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