Friday, February 27, 2009

SAMe+ For Pets with Liver Disease, Arthritic Dogs, Dog Cancer

Fabulous March Special--Save 20% off our regular price

Who can benefit from Special SAMe+?

1) Pets with liver conditions

2) Senior pets

3) Pets with arthritis

4) Pets with cancer

5) Pets exposed to chemicals (SAMe+ is a powerful antixiodant that can help detoxify the liver)

6) Women going through menopause (please check with your physician first)
(Please note that this product (while labeled for pets) is for people too. It is extremely high quality and can be very helpful for women going through menopause. SAMe+ has been scientifically shown in research studies to elevate mood and help detoxify the liver. I personally benefit from this product daily as it helps not only with my menopause symptoms but with back pain too--it is awesome!!! Susan Davis, CCN)

Wonderful product--perfect for any senior pet or pet with joint problems. Special SAMe+ For Pets offers a variety of scientifically proven benefits for pets: helps relieve joint pain, support the liver and is a terrific antioxidant. For joint pain, this product works especially and is helpful even if you are already using standard joint supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, etc.

There is a great deal of variation in the quality of SAMe since supplements are not regulated by the FDA. In addition, this product is not just your everyday SAMe that you can purchase at the drug store---it is third party tested for purity and potency and includes addiitonal ingredients for maximum absorption and effectiveness. SAMe is extremely sensitive to degradation from air and moisture. Special SAMe+ is superior to other products on the market due to its stability in the nitrogen blister packs and maximized bioavailability by an enteric coating. It is recommended that each blister be opened immediately before ingesting the tablet. Special SAMe+ tablets are enterically coated in order to prevent its breakdown by stomach acidity and promote intact absorption in the small intestine. Vitamins B6, B12, and folate were added in order to provide cofactors for the natural conversions of SAMe to L-homocysteine and then safely to L-cysteine. Even if the body is producing normal or average levels of SAMe, certain physiological states create an increased demand for it, such as: aging, dietary deficiency, inflammatory states, emotional/physical stress or genetic polymorphysms. Sub-optimal levels of SAMe in some individuals may be due to insufficient amounts of the precursor amino acid methionine (vegetarianism or poor protein intake).

Age related decline in enzyme difficiencies throughout the body can be improved by increasing the supply of enzyme cofactors such as SAMe, B-vitamins, and magnesium. This is why the product seems to be really helpful for senior pets, people (and of course me--the menopausal woman!) Great product--really special---seems to work much more effectively than other brands of SAMe--great value as you don't have to use as many tablets as other brands might recommend.
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