Monday, February 9, 2009

Dog Itching, Scratching and Hot Spots Can Be Due to Food Allergies

Wanted to provide more information about dog itching, scratching and hot spots. Many times, people go from veterinarian to veterinarian, searching for the answer as to why their dog continues to scratch constantly, chewing, licking on paws. If the owner is using flea treatment and has ruled out parasites and other infections, chances are it is allergies. Pets can have both food and environmental allergies as well as difficulties digesting the foods they eat. Many commercial diets are loaded with carbohydrates and fillers such as corn, wheat gluten, etc and many people shower their pets with allergy provoking wheat-filled dog biscuits!!! More and more, there are alternate choices but the bulk of all dog treats are loaded with wheat--which for many is a recipe for allergic reactions. We urge you to discontinue these potentially itchy treat and use hypoallergenic treats such as Wildside Salmon Treats which contain good healthy fats to actually help your pets skin and coats. Other alternatives are venison jerky, carrots or sliced apples.. If your dog has chronic skin and coat problems, itching, scratching, hair loss, most likely it is due to the food you are feeding and poor digestion. Take a look at the brand you are using---does it contain corn and other grains???? Even hypoallergenic diets that are full of potatoes can be potentially problematic because of the high carbohydrate count and the propensity this can cause in creating yeast. A list of potential foods to be avoided can be seen below. There is no “one” allergy diet that works for everyone. Each pet is different. You will need to try a few diets and/or learn how to prepare a homemade diet. We offer Holistic Pet Health Telephone Consultations and also in-person office visits at VCA Arroyo in Lake Forest, CA to assist you with this.

Common Allergens in Pet Food:



Gluten (found in wheat, barley, spelt and other grains)

Milk Products

Casein (found in cheese)

Beef (problem for some dogs)

Chicken (problem for some cats and dogs)

Fish (cats can often be allergic)

Peanut Butter (big allergen!)

Ask Ariel offers supplements to help with environmental allergies:

Amazing Omegas--- potent formula for lustrous skin and coat
Proaller--- homeopathic remedy that reduces a itching, red, itchy eyes and all allergy symptoms
Notatum--- works great with Proaller and helps fights infection and inflammation
Syallgen--- very helpful for itching and environmental allergies
AllerEaze--- excellent for environmental allergies
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