Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dog Scratching and Itching--Avoid Common Food Allergens

During the hot summer months, many dogs are scratching and itching, literally tearing their fur out. Their skin becomes raw and red, they chew on their paws incessantly and develop hot spots. First and foremost, be sure you are using a quality flea preventative product. But, fleas may not necessarily be the only culprit here.

Many people think that by purchasing the most advertised or most expensive dog food, that they are somehow giving their dog the best food and therefore, food allergies are not a concern. This is absolutely not the case. You could be feeding your dog holistic all natural dog food that contains corn and flour, and your dog could be scratching incessantly.

Often food allergies, digestive upset and skin allergies go hand in hand. You need to find the right food for your dog that results in normal stools, without mucous or diarrhea which inevitably help calm and quiet your dog's overall inflammation. For some dogs, a raw food diet is the key but it is not for all dogs.

One key point is to be sure you are avoiding all of the following common food allergens: peanut butter (not ok even in small amounts for an allergic dog!), wheat, corn, soy, gluten, casein, milk products--to name just a few.

AskAriel has wonderful products for allergies including AllerEaze and ProAller, but it is important that you also work on reducing and/or eliminating these potential allergens from your dog's diet as well to ensure success.